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16 July 2015

Carry-on Catastrophe Shock

This is a compilation of the first five Shock 7”ers with an extra track by each band. Comes with a 12-page booklet (included here). Most artwork by Savage Pencil except Drunk with Guns cover by Alex Binnie & Nurse with Wounds Sinister Senile EP cover by Steven Stapleton.

Various – The Portable Altamont, Shock SX012CD, 1991.
decryption code in comments

Tracklist –

I Live in the Bottomless Pit
Bo Diddley’s Shitpump
A Guide to Canine Foreskin Retraction – Skullflower

Wrong Eye (vocals by Rose McDowall)
Meaning What Exactly? – Coil

She is Dead & All Fall Down
God has Three Faces & Wood has No Name
The Blue Gates of Death (Before & Beyond Them) – Current 93

Human Human Human (featuring Organum
Psychedelic Underground (in Memory of Lüüd Noma)
Scapegoat – Nurse with Wound

Drunks Theme
Punched in the Head
Cowboy (instrumental)
Fuck Off & Die You Worthless Little Faggot – Drunks with Guns

Enjoy or die, you worthless...

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