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26 November 2015

Deadly Dreams

Various – The Men with the Deadly Dreams cassette, White Stains Tapes werk 002, 1981.

Side A –
Christopher R. Watson – News Cut-up 2/5/81
Rema Rema – Why ask why?
Eyeless in Gaza – Pale saints
Culturcide – Land of Birds
Side B –
Chris Carter – Climbing
Rema Rema – Christopher
A House – Words From a Radio
Richard H. Kirk – Powermad
M. A. Peacock – Voices



  1. More arresting than the music catalogued, possibly, is the news cut up. The condition of Bobby Sands is serious; Michael Foote appears in court; Arabians are seemingly involved in the high-jack of an Irish air liner. Excellent stuff. Culturcide and Pale Saints sound suitably driven to altered modes of consciousness. Thatcher dominates between the lines, no trace of irony infects the tedium of the reportage. Words from a radio, indeed. Very Throbbing Gristle in its anatomy.

  2. One last petulant gasp: the inclusion of Rema-Rema makes this cassette probably the best thing I've heard in the last couple of weeks.

    1. Tres Kool taste of early 80s. The News Cut-up 2/5/81 is one of my favorite tracks.