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28 November 2015

Yes it is Bless

Dub Syndicate - Pure Thrillseekers is essentially a collection of previously released Dub Syndicate material from the Europe-based Lion & Roots label (much of it familiar to No Bed of Roses & Acres of Space owners, listeners, or followers).

Dub Syndicate – Pure Thrillseekers, Shanachie 45062, 2005.
decryption code in comments

Tracklist –

Tricks (vocals by Cornell Campbell)
Weeping Eyes (vocals by Gregory Isaacs)
Breath of Fresh Air
Guns & Cocaine Crime (vocals by Jah Bless)
One in a Billion (vocals by Luciano)
Private Dub
Kingston 14 (vocals by Gregory Isaacs)
Time Dub
Ready for the World (vocals by Moses)
God is a Man (vocals by Junior Reid)
Yes it is Bless (vocals by Little David)
Sound Clash (extended)

bonus tracks –
Time (live)
Time (version)

Live on, Style!

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