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10 November 2015

Bright Star

My friend Jonder said it best:

"It was nice of Bernie Sanders to fill in as a guest blogger while Farmer Nathan was busy toiling in the fields."

I am deeply indebted to Senator Sanders, but he doesn't post enough musick. Let's start to fix that right now.

Tenor Saw (Clive Bright) was a Prince of Jamaican Dancehall. He is hailed as one of the most influential singers of the Jamaican digital era of the mid 80s.

In August 1988 he was killed by a motor vehicle in Houston, Texas. The official cause of death was listed as a hit & run accident. Many of those who knew him insisted that he was murdered. He was only 21 years old.

I like dancehall style well enough, but around here we favor Dub. Here's a compilation of Tenor Saw Dubwise.

Tenor Saw - In Dub, various sources, 1985.
decryption code in comments

Tracklist -

Lots of Dub
Woman Dub
Shirley Dub
Sunday Dub
Eni Meeni Mini Mo Dub
Progress Dub
Dub Fever
Give Up Dub
Jah Guide Dub
I & I Dub
Rub-A-Dub Dub
Run Come Dub Me
Time Dub
Praise Jah with Dub



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  2. Glad to see you back, mon ami. To paraphrase Jeanette Winterson, oranges is not the only fruit.

    1. Glad likewise. I'm heading to the bleachers right now. I need another fix of The Brotherhood of Dub. Praise Jah.

  3. You might enjoy

    King Tubby Meets The Upsetter At The Grass Roots Of Dub (1975)
    (192 kbps, cover art included)


    Found yesterday at the ever-tasty Zero G Sounds blog (http://zerosounds.blogspot.com/)

    Have a good one!


    1. Thanks for the link. This release is CD 2 of the Evolution Of Dub Volume 7 - Creationist Rebel.
      I have it at 320Kbps if you are looking for an upgrade, but thanks for posting the link. I'm sure some other folks are looking for this & will really appreciate it. & I do enjoy it...you can never get enough of the King!

  4. I absolutely would dig an upgrade. Cheers!


    1. At the Grass Roots of Dub


  5. Diggin' this blog. Came across it looking for Sun City Girls, but really enjoying the dub selections and most of the other stuff too. Keep up the good work. Also love the Evolution of Dub series finally seems like vintage Jamaican dub is getting the repect it deserves!

    1. Thanks for the too kind words. Evo o Dub is a tremendous source of great Dub, indeed. Also, if there are any particular SSGs releases you are still searching for, I have over 40 releases (also some Sir Richard Bishop & w/J. Spaceman or Moe Tucker).

  6. I've been want to check out any of the Carnival Folklore ishes, I don't know if they are older titles renamed or what? I was also look for side project Alvarius B (any) or The Invisible Hands. Man those guys make a lot of music

    1. Great choices here. Hope the ones I’m providing are okay.

      The Invisible Hands are super. Their self-titled debut blew me away (“Black Blood” still sends shivers up my spine) & then Teslam (with the additional vocals - Aya Mahmoud Hemeida is fantastic – I can always listen to “Over Easy”). Baroque Primitiva is an absolute classic. Enjoy all.

      I have The Vim & Vigour of Alvarius B. & Cerberus Shoal if you’re interested.

      Here's a good stories: Sir Richard Bishop stumbles across an acoustic guitar in a small shop in Geneva last year. No one seemed to know anything about the guitar (circa 1850, it had no markings other than some writing in an unknown language inside) but it entranced Richard. He left without it because of its price, but was haunted by it for weeks, even in his dreams. He would go back to the shop & play the guitar. His enthrallment only deepened. He finally broke down & bought the guitar. But then he was having second thoughts. The guitar did not sound as good as he dreamt (the higher notes that Richard played up on the neck were out of tune). Perhaps he had made a mistake. This year he traveled to Morocco for some shows & as a last minute idea, brought the new old guitar along. Perhaps another bad idea. He tried playing his old songs on it but they simply did not work. But the magical guitar taught him a new way of playing & while in an abode overlooking Tangier, in the course of 10 days, he recorded Tangier Sessions. If you’re interested in hearing the results, let me know. You seemed more interested in Alan than his brother, so I’m not sure.

      SSG – Carnival Folklore Resurrection Vol. 1

      Alvarius B. – Baroque Primitiva

      The Invisible Hands – self-titled

      The Invisible Hands – Teslam

  7. these selections are killer, thanks for taking the time to put them up here. That's a great story about Sir Richard, I think that guitar found him. I'm pretty sure I have the Tangier sessions I have to go back and listen now. If I cant find it ill hit you up.

    1. could you put up the link for me pretty please?, this site has been an amazing boon to my existence! thank yeeee

    2. to Unknown,
      the link is directly below the album cover artwork (Tenor Saw - In Dub). The decryption code is in the comments above. Just cut & paste the code where prompted on MEGA. Thanks for the nice words as well.