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25 July 2016

Exilee Goes Out

In the past I have delved extensively into No Wave music, one of my favorite American musick genres. Ikue Mori & Arto Lindsay of band DNA, James Chance / White / Black, Lydia Lunch / Teenage Jesus…these are some creative souls that have enriched my musical life a great deal.

No Wave was born in the lofts & walk-ups of late 70s / early 80s downtown New York City. The name came about as reaction to the term new wave. At the tail end of the 70s the record industry was trying to rebrand punk & labeled the more pop-punk bands that came in the aftermath of punk as new wave. The No Wave bands wanted to reject this pop side but they also felt no affinity to punk. They were committed to tearing down convention in the rift between sound, music, & art. One band I never posted before (but am remedying right now) is the great UT.

UT formed in 1978, after Peter Gordon introduced Sally Young & Jacqui Ham to ex-Gynaecologists / ex-Dark Day member Nina Canal. The female presence in No Wave was never that rare. There were very few No Wave bands that represented the standard-issue 'guys/guitars' formula of rock music. However, an all-girl outfit was a slightly rarer proposition. But then, UT are an exceptional band. They really came into their own as the survivors of the original scene, the torch-bearers who took the original discordant aggressive attack onward to the next generation, especially on Griller, which was engineered by Steve Albini.

UT developed a distinctly dark sound based on free improvisation & spontaneous song writing. As with many No Wave bands, UT lacked a strong grounding in musical training, which they intentionally accentuated by changing instrumentation on each song. These methodological approaches channeled the raw energy of UT's song writing process into their live performances & finished songs (example: on "Confidential" Sally sings & plays guitar, Jacqui plays guitar, & Nina plays drums; on "Phoenix" Sally sings & plays guitar, Nina plays guitar, & Jacqui plays drums; & on "Absent Farmer Jacqui sings & plays guitar, Nina plays guitar, & Sally plays drums...& that's just in the first four songs!!!).

UT left the US in 1981 to tour with The Fall & eventually settled in London, releasing a number of albums, playing & recording until they disbanded in 1990. After a pause from 1991 to 2010, UT is back doing live dates.

UT - Conviction, Out Records OUT R03, 1985.
all decryption codes in comments

Side 1 –
Absent Farmer

Side 2 –
Kcahsmahs (Spare Coconut)
Mouse Sleep
Bonus track – shamshacK (Tunococ Eraps)

UT - Early Live Life, Blast First BFFP12, 1987.

Side 1 –
Fire in Philadelphia
Brink over Chicken
Ampheta Speak
While I Wait
Mouse Sleep
Sharp’s Loose

Side 2 –
This Bliss
No Manifesto

UT - In Gut’s House 2x45rpm LP, Blast First BFFP17, 1987.

Side 1 –

Side 2 –
Big Wing

Side 3 –
Shut Fog

Side 4 –
Mosquito Botticelli
Dirty Net

UT – Griller, Blast First BFFP36LP, 1989. 
Side One –
Safe Burning
How it Goes
Posse Necks

Side Two –
Dr. No



  1. Hi, thanks for sharing.
    Something goes with the Conviction-file (it says descryption error) at 99%.

    1. Sorry about that. I tried downloading Conviction & got the same error at 99%. I re-upped a brand new zip file of Conviction & changed the decryption code. Try it again if you please. If there are still issues, I'll upload it elsewhere.

    2. Just tried the new file. Worked just fine. Thanks again for letting me know.

  2. Conviction
    Early Live Life
    In Gut's House

  3. Oh this is great! I love No Wave, especially James Chance and The Contortions. A few years ago I found a couple of The Contortions LPs at a record store - think I paid about 5 bucks apiece for them. And hello to you, NØ!

    1. Howdy, IHt90s. Hope you enjoy this, it's a sweet treat.
      Miss ya, M/SS. Was just rereading the Ishmael Reed book you sent me way back, must be synchronicity.

  4. Hi there. Would love to download Conviction and Early Live Life if those files are still available.

    1. I just checked & both are good. Just copy the decryption code from the list in the comment above. Select the link under the Album cover art & paste the code when prompted by MEGA.

  5. Hey! I contacted you earlier about downloading the earlier albums yesterday and was able to get them with the codes you offered. Thanks so much for making this free and accessible! I LOVE this band.

  6. Hi, How can I get a code?

  7. OK. I can see the codes. Thanks. Do you have it in lossless?

  8. Ah, thank you! Somehow =Griller= is the only one I had. They are great.