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22 July 2016

Not Exactly LPD, but Close Enough for Rock ‘n’ Roll

I haven't posted up any Legendary Pink Dots for quite some time. Most of their work is available one place or another, from the band themselves or one of the myriad fan posters like myself. I'm just kinda too lazy to go through each release I feel like sharing to find out if it's available or not. That being said, how about some The Tear Garden?

Many of the usual suspects: Edward Ka-Spel; Phil 'The Silver Man' Knight; Ryan Moore; Niels van Hoorn; Martijn de Kleer & several folks from Skinny Puppy: cEvin Key & De Green Guy.

This is a work of fragile powerful beauty that digs even deeper into the psychedelic underground than its predecessors. It's one I never get tired of hearing…

The Tear Garden – To Be an Angel Blind, the Crippled Soul Divide, Nettwerk, 1996.
decryption code in comments

Tracklist –

Ascension Day
We the People
In Search of My Rose
Crying from Outside
Psycho 9
With Wings
Judgement Hour
New Eden
Malice Through the Looking Glass
The Habit


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