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17 July 2016

Pleasure Ruin Dub, my Botherin’ & Cistern

by 1999 the CDC were now calling themselves Crooklyn Dub Outernational…here’s

Various – Crooklyn Dub Outernational presents Certified Dope Vol. 3,
WordSound WSCD033, 1999.
both decryption codes in comments

Tracklist –
Open the Gates – Blood
Valley Dub – Twilight Circus
Life – Roots Control
Off – Sir Positive
The Mystery of Shape Changing – Bill Laswell
Over the Half World – Layng Martine III
Death & Resurrection in the King’s Chamber – Scarab
Probe – Nu Seeka
U Illlllik Annog M’I Edud HeiR Dub – Lovecraft Technologies
Dusk ‘til Dawn – Slotek
Holy Dub – Scotty Hard
Proton – The Bug
My Dub Weighs a Ton - Spectre

&  2003s...

Tracklist –
Ph Neutre – Brain Damage meets Lab
The Soundless Hum of Prayer (remix) – Philosophy Major
Finite State Machine Dub – Bill Laswell
Zion Train - Modimo
Eyupsultan (King Fader mix) - Systemwide
Disco Lips – HIM
Twilight Circus meets WordSound inna Crooklyn 2003 Style – Twilight Circus
Boombastic – Roots Control
A Touch of Romance – Prince Charming
Smoke Damage – Scotty Hard
Ladies & Gentlemen…Always - Teledubgnosis
Pleasure Ruin Dub – DJ Rupture
Al Qaida (The Bass) - Spectre



  1. Vol. 3
    Vol. 4