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24 March 2018

6 Degrees of Separation

"When the child came, he would be prepared in the right way, watched over by the Comsat relays, hot lines open, the armies of the world immobilized. This time there would be no mistakes"

Taking their name from  this J. G. Ballard short story "The Comsat Angels", the band's original lineup (1978 - 1992) was: Stephen Fellows - guitar & vocals; Andy Peake - keyboards; Kevin Bacon - bass; & Mik Glaisher - drums.

"Includes free extra single 5 tracks in total JIVE 54".

The Comsat Angels - Independence Day 2x7", Jive JIVE 54, 1984.
decryption code in comments

Disc 1 -

a. Independence Day
b. Intelligence

Disc 2 -

c. Mister Memory
d1. Total War
d2. After the Rain

All tracks on Record Two recorded live at Sheffield University.