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10 March 2018

Big New Prinz Live(s)

I hadn't heard from Brother Jonder for quite some time. I was wondering if I'd somehow fallen off the grid, so I reached out to him. To eulogize the passing of & to commemorate the greatness of M. Mark E. Smith, Jonder has created a new blog, jonderblog. It's also in the links to the right. He's been posting up some great compilations of The Fall related materials. Go check it out.

Jonder's often chided me (goodheartedly) about not being a fan of The Fall. I don't dislike the band or MES & in fact I have at least once posted a song by Mr. Mark. Sometimes I just can't shake "Bill is Dead" if I unwittingly hear it. It's not like that melody you just can't stop whistling, it's more like the lingering dread of last nights faint nightmare. My taste (if I dare even call it that) just favors other morsels.

In homage to the revered MES & as a nod to Brother Jonder's continuing good work, I give you these bursts of The Fall...four bootlegish live recordings that might not be as well known as their Beggars Bullshit, et. al

Probably my favorite of the four recordings here is Live Various Years (hence the nod in the title of this post) because of the excellent sound quality & the fact that although the recordings are from various years, the sound is extremely cohesive, but I’m posting Backdrop first.

Backdrop is the most "The Fall album" of any of these offerings here. That's because Backdrop came into existence as a bootleg but then was officially released. It appears to be out of print nowadays. This collection of rarities consists mainly of live tracks from the early to mid 80s, including live versions of tracks from their Beggars Bullshit years as well as many other gems. "Dresden Dolls" is extremely entertaining.

The Fall - Backdrop, Pseudo Indie Label PIL05CD, 1994.
all decryption codes in comments

Marquis Cha-Cha
Bremen Nacht Run Out
Mark'll Sink Us
Lucifer over Lancashire
Hey! Luciani
U.S. 80s-90s
Guest Informant
The Man Whose Head Expanded
Dresden Dolls
Race with the Devil
Plaster on the Hands

in the city... was recorded live at The Roadhouse, Manchester over three nights from March 20 - 22, 1995. The sound quality seems excellent to these old ears. This was a stop-over during the tour immediately after the release of Cerebral Caustic. It seems to features plenty of material from CC. Cerebral Caustic might not be the band's finest effort, but only it's stronger material ends up here. There's also stuff from the 90-95 era ("Middle Class Revolt" stands out) plus some 'oldies'. This recording features a classic line-up...joining Smith are the long-standing core of Hanley/Scanlon/Wolstencroft. Karl Burns was back. Brix had made a surprising return. Finally, making her debut on this tour was Julia Nagle who, in a couple more years down the road would be the only member of this group (bar Smith) to remain.

the fall - in the city..., Artful Records ARTFULCD03, 1997.

The Joke
Deadbeat Descendant
Feeling Numb
War Glam Racket
Pearl City
Don’t Call Me Darling
Bill is Dead
Behind the Counter
Edinburgh Man
Middle Class Revolt
Gut of the Quantifier
Life Just Bounces

Live Various Years: Tracks 1-2 recorded live in New York in September 1993 (possibly at The Academy on September 17, 1993); tracks 3-6 recorded live in Munich in October 1993; tracks 7-11 recorded live at the Bierkeller, Bristol on January 18, 1997; tracks 12-14 recorded live at the Arena, Vienna on April 16, 1988.

Although this covers different tours, the songs form quite a cohesive "show". The sound quality seems like professional multi-track recording with proper mixing.  The 1993 shows are notable for Dave Bush's fantastic keyboard work. On the 1997 tracks Julia Nagle is responsible for all music outside bass & drums.

The Fall - Live Various Years 2xCD, Cog Sinister COGVP111CD, 1998.

CD1 -
Deadbeat Descendant
Big New Prinz - NYC Sept. 93
Why are People Grudgeful
Free Range
Strychnine - Munich Oct. 93
Das Vulture ans ein Nutter-wain
Spine Track
Behind the Counter
Hip Priest - Bristol Jan. 97

CD2 -
Carry Bag Man
Yes Oh Yes
US 80s-90s - Vienna April 88

Live in Cambridge was recorded live at the Corn Exchange, Cambridge on March 19, 1988.

This ties in perfectly with the second disc of Live Various. At this point in their history The Fall were arguably more of a viable, professional live act than at any other time in their career. This was recorded on the last night of a short UK tour promoting The Frenz Experiment. Most of that album appears to be featured here. "Pay Your Rates" seems thrashingly out of place amongst the more groove-oriented material.

The Fall - Live in Cambridge 1988, Cog Sinister COGVP115CD, 2000.

Shoulder Pads
2 x 4
Get a Hotel
Cab it Up
Bremen Nacht
Pay Your Rates
Hey! Luciani
Oswald Defence Lawyer
Carry Bag Man
Mr. Pharmacist (2nd half) / U.S. 80s-90s
Lucifer over Lancashire

R.I.P. Mark E. Smith...

Get a hotel,


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  2. I will never chide you again! You know a lot about the Fall. Thanks for the kind words about my new blog.