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31 March 2018

Uri G

A good fiend of NSS had some great luck crate diving recently. He came up with some valuable gems & sent me a few. I just had to pass this one on to everyone else visiting here. Thanks Xtm!

I am Spoonbender was started as a recording project in early '97 by Pansy Division drummer Dustin Donaldson & friend Brian Jackson . Dustin handled synths, drums, & vocals while Brian worked bass, synths, & Protools. When the band cub called it quits, their guitarist Robynn "Cup" Iwata joined IaS on the synths & vocals. The band was halfway through the making of their debut album Sender/Receiver.

For 2002s Shown Actual Size single, Dave Edwardson, bassist for Neurosis (& numerous other side gigs) joined Donaldson, Iwata, et. al for a fuller IaS sound.

Gold Standard Laboratories GSL 60, 2002.

Side a -
I Went & had My Knives Sharpened

Side b -
Re-Dial Meant "Remember"



  1. In case you didn't know: They took the cover pic from this classic Ashra-Album: https://www.discogs.com/de/Ashra-Correlations/master/2953
    Thanks for the good work! Cheers, bruce

    1. I guess Hipgnosis recycled their cover art. Probably figured no one would remember a 1979 Ash/ra album (what Tempel?). Maybe it's a warped spoon-bent inside joke? Thanks fer the comment.

  2. Weird when you open a web page and you're staring back at yourself. A little disorienting. But I *do* enjoy the occasional disorientation. Cheers!


  3. Nice one, Xtopher! I didn't realize that your icon was a mugshot, but now you too have been Shown Actual Size. Have you seen Jonderblog (he asked shamelessly)?

    1. I have now! Aaaand bookmarked!


    2. jonder,
      the mugshot thing...I did that...editorial license.

      sorry (not?).