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16 April 2018

Captain's Order

Fellow Blogger, loyal supporter & guest poster of NSS, & brother in Dub Jonder always stimulates my earholes & gets me digging for goodies long lost in the mess of my grey matter. His recent posts about the legendary S.F. label Subterranean Records had me searching through my Beefheart.  Beefheart, you ask?

Well, on Subterranean SUB 15 (1981) Various Artists - Red Spot there are three songs from Jed Speare & Easy Teeth: "Rotator Cuff"; "Twinkies"; & "Gondola Serenade".

Jed Speare (1954-2016) was a crossover artist who worked in sound, video, & performance for forty years. In the early 80s he recorded with Easy Teeth as well as the San Francisco groups Research Library (the previously mentioned Red Spot comp), Ultrasheen (City Boy 7" EP; Subterranean SUB 12), & Appliances.

Easy Teeth's 7" 45rpm was a one-off collaboration between Magic Band drummer Robert Williams, Magic Band roadie Paul Young, & vocalist Tito Larriva. 'Eazy Teeth' was a nickname given to Paul Young by Don because he was always smiling. The EasyTeeth single artwork features a Van Vliet 1980 original EAZY TEETH drawing (black felt tip on white).

Easy Teeth - Car Noise 7″ 45, Dental Records DR-001, 1980.

Side A -
Car Noise

Side B -
Her Blade

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  1. Here are the three tracks by Jed & Easy from Red Spot SUB 15.

  2. Thanks for the ul. Was the song "Car Noise" used in a film? I don't know the band but I'm certain I've heard this before ...or am I thinking of D.A.F.?