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15 April 2018

More Tribulation from Word, Sound, & Power

One more for the weekend. While I was binge spinning Dub Revolution, I took a hankering for Tribulation All Stars. Had to dig out some more source product. Here's the very first (even though it's called Vol. 2) from West London's finest, Word Sound & Power - Robert Tribulation.

Word Sound, & Power Music WSPCD005, 1993.
decryption code in comments

Dub Liberation
Make One Dub
Dub Again
Get Ready Dub
Revelation Dub
Bigman Dub
Ethiopian Dub
Dub Fighting
One Life Dub
Nuclear Dub

It’s a Black Up Bashment,


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  2. I love it when you dig deep into the mighty sounds of dub. Best wishes for the planting season. Green up!

    1. Thank you kind sir. I've been really enjoying the Panther Burns & Subterranean singles mega-posts you've been doing. After a cropless last year (due to being...well...kinda uprooted), I am filled with joyous anticipation. First year that I'll be semi-legal, haha.