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15 April 2018

Dubbin’ Me Now

Often I find myself neglecting to praise Jah enuff around here.  I've sed it before & I sez it again now.  DUB IS MY SALVATION!

Busy getting this year's crop ready so I'm just gonna offer up what is Dubbin' (& skankin') me Now.

This all began with an Earth Crisis, not all Dub but ESSENTIAL!

Steel Pulse - Earth Crisis remastered, Rhino Records 8122 74687 2, 2005.
all decryption codes in comments

Steppin' Out
Throne of Gold
Roller Skates
Earth Crisis
Grab Education
Wild Goose Chase

bonus tracks
Steppin' Out Dub
Steppin' Out (extended version)
Roller Skates (remix version)
Roller Skates Dub

Always keep somethin' from Wackie's near the top o' the spin.  Never know what you'll hear, but it surely will be SWEET.

Side A -

Happy Song - Sugar Minot
Undying Love - Maxine Miller
It's You I Love - Jerry Johnson
Hiding Away - Lucy Clark
Do You Feel Alright - John C

Side B -

We Need Relief Fabian Cooke
Go Man Go - Carlton Livingston
Parafanatic - Lone Ranger & Lee Van Cliff
Rock with Me - Horace Andy
This World - Leroy Sibbles

Shilling (extended mix) - Michael Rose
Have the Strength (extended mix) - Admiral Tibet
Gideon Time (extended mix) - Ranking Joe
No More Will I Roam (extended mix) - Prince Alla
Tell it Like it Is (extended mix) - Mikey General
Shaka Zulu (extended mix) - Ranking Joe
Original Fire ( extended mix) - Ranking Joe

Dub Specialist is a name used for a series of Dub LP releases from Studio One throughout the 70s. These limited edition albums were mixed down by a number of engineers over the decade, including: Sylvan Morris; Syd Bucknor; Overton "Scientist" Brown; all under the auspices of legendary producer, sound system pioneer & music entrepeneur, Clement "Coxsone" Dodd. The following is a compilation of early material from 1966 - 1972.

Dub Specialist - Studio One Dub, Soul Jazz Records SJR CD89, 2004.

Bionic Dub
Take a Ride version
Sky Rhythm
Taurus Dub 2
Dub Rock
Rastaman version
Jah Jah version
Creator version
Running Dub
Hi Fashion Dub
Pretty version
Race Track version
In Cold Blood version
Chase Them version
Feel the Dub

Reachout International Records ROIR 8207, 1994.

Dub Revolution - The Disciples
Cuttlefish Dub - Zion Train
Tribal Dub - Bush Chemists
Genesis Dub - Testament
Contentious Dub - Alpha & Omega
Release the Chains - Centry meets The Music Family
Crying Blood - Little Lord Creator
Mountain of Hadith - Scarab
Dub Thru Jah - Tribulation All Stars
Dub Warmth - Fish & Goat at the Controls
Dub-Hop Anthem - WordSound

Finally, some special dub mixes by Scientist (except "Land Control" mixed by Mutabaruka).
This album is an accompaniment to Word Soun' 'Ave Power (Heartbeat HB-15), which contains the vocal versions of all the original poems with different mixes for vocal tracks. This release was recorded & mixed at Tuff Gong, Kingston, JA, except "Land Control" recorded at Music Mountain, St.Andrew, JA; mixed by Mutabaruka at Skyline Studios, NYC.

Mutabaruka & Scientist - Dub Poets Dub, Heartbeat Records HB-30, 1983.

Side 1 -
Fork & Hoe
Death Row
Cussin’ de President
Blood Shout Dub

Side 2 -
Hide & Fine
Anti-Klan Dub
Land Control



  1. Earth Crisis
    Jah Children
    Roots Showcase
    Studio One
    Dub Revolution
    Dub Poets

  2. Over the years you've opened my mind up to dub and I thank you for that. Cheers!

    1. I feel proud of such an honor. Dub is the people's musick.

  3. Excellent stuff thanks