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30 June 2018

C is the Vitamin

Various - New Wave Club Class-X3, Antler-Subway AS 5070CD, 1992.
all decryption codes in comments

Nag Nag Nag - Cabaret Voltaire
Flying Turns - Crash Course in Science
Are Friends Electric? - Gary Numan
Gioconda Smile - Poesie Noire
The Model - Kraftwerk
What We All Want - Gang of Four
Je Veux ton Amour - Section 25
Oh La La La - TC Matic
Walls of Jericho - Virgin Prunes
Shake the Mind - C Cat Trance
Rhythm - Anna Domino
Back to Nature - Fad Gadget
Magnificent Seven - The Clash
Where’s Captain Kirk? - Spizzenergi


bonus blast...

Side A -
Cardboard Lamb
Crashing Song

Side B -
Flying Turns
Factory Forehead

C Cat Trance - Screaming (to be with you) 12" EP, Ink Records INK 1223, 1986.

Side One -
Screaming (to be with you)[Volta Rouge mix]

Side Two -
Let Me Sleep
Dangling on a String

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