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03 June 2018

You Urban Achievers are not Gonna Believe It

Last weekend while I was crate digging at a local thrift shop here in Sactown, I came across one of my all-time holy grail albums (as you can see from one of their show flyers, they believe in me). There are rumors galore as to whether or not any more copies of this album are extant. It was believed that the NA (Nihilist Against) had successfully destroyed all existing versions of this great 1978 German techno-pop one-off nugget Nagelbett by Autobahn.

German techno-pop pioneers Autobahn released only one album entitled Nagelbett in the late 70s. They are perhaps the best example of a band being "ahead of its time". Though they are now recognized as great innovators in the world of techno, their album was almost universally disparaged by both critics & audiences alike. Utterly demoralized, the band dissolved. All of its members fell on hard times with band leader Uli Kunkel even resorting to the adult film industry (as Karl Hungus) before disappearing from the public eye completely, without even an ethos.

Autobahn members: Uli Kunkel, Kieffer Funkel, & Franz Unkel

Autobahn - Nagelbett, Neoc International NIHIL 666, 1978.

    Faking It
    Hit and Run
    No Way Out
    Violate U Blue
    Beg Me
    Take It In
    Edelweiss (Club Mix)

bonus track - Girlfriend's Toe (I am the Walrus mix) from the cult flick The Drunk Chinaski



  1. Hey NØ, that's great you found the Autobahn album, had no idea this band existed. Damn, what a score. 'Round these parts, mostly you find old Jimmy Swaggart or southern gospel LPs.

  2. Dude, I can't abide German techno-pop.

  3. Well done!