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09 June 2018

This Week-end...from JA

Yesterday I replaced a broken motor mount on my Beater BS 7000.

Today I decided to lay about with my girls, get as twisted as I possibly can, & listen to
Michael Campbell, Michael Williams, Vivian Jackson & some great production work by Lowell Fillmore Dunbar & Robert Warren Dale Shakespeare.

Can ya dig it?

Dread At The Controls DCLP 002, 1980.
all decryption codes in comments

Stereo Side 1 -
Saturday Night Style
Industrial Spy
Headline News
Mikey Dread in Action

Stereo Side 2 -
Resignation Dub
Technical Selection
Comic Strip
Pre-Dawn Dub
Operators Choice

Prince Far-I - Voice of Thunder, Trojan Records TRLS 204, 1981.

Side One -
Ten Commandments
Tribute to Bob Marley
Hold the Fort
Every Time I Hear the Word
Head of the Buccaneer

Side Two -
Shall not Dwell in Wickedness
Give I Strength
Kingdom of God
Coming in from the Rock

Side One -
Deliver Me from My Enemies
Judgement Time
Blood Ago Run Down Kings Street
Love in Zimba
Zion Gate

Side Two -
Lonely Me
Stranger in Love
Pound Get a Blow
Pick the Beam
& Amlak (One God)

Various - Raiders of the Lost Dub, Island Records ILPS 9705, 1981.

Side 1 -
Indiana Jones - The Paragons
Whip that Tarantula - Ijahman Levi
The Monkey is a Spy - Black Uhuru
Pit of Snakes - Burning Spear
Well of Souls - Wailing Souls

Side 2 -
The Dub of Gold - The Viceroys
Who’s in the Tomb - Black Uhuru
Convoy Hijack - Black Uhuru
Bazooka Blast - Junior Delgado
Fire & Brimstone - Black Uhuru


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