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04 August 2021

Diving into the K-Hole


Back in August 2015 I started working on things I had stashed in a folder marked "Musick that Needs Work". Needing work meant anything from cleaning up the sound to fixing the tags to getting the art work, whatever. I made it as far as letter J on May 11, 2018.


Finally looked under K & whoda thunk it???, here in the middle ground, under the unassuming letter K a plethora of releases needing my attention. One of these cropped up in this folder after this project began but I’m adding it in cuz it's great.  Fixed as well as I can. Let's start with one of my favorite Dubsters... 


Keith Hudson / Third World Product - Rebel Dub, Third World TWLP 106, 1976.
all decryption codes in comments

Side One -
Third World Rocker Dub
Rootes Man Dub
Vibration Dub
Midnight Dub
Callie Rocker Dub

Side Two -
Rocker Dub
North (St.) Rocker
Dread in the West Dub
High (Rd.) Rocker Dub
Congo Dub 

Another favorite around these parts...
Bohemian Zebulon
Temporarily Lucy
In Your Head
Space Unadorned
Drunken Boat
Interlude / Dirigible
Valley of the Morning Sun
Judge Not
Get There
Interlude / Saturn
Bold Marauder 
Kalahari Surfers - Living in the Heart of the Beast, Recommended Records RR C24, 1985.

Side I -
Dance of the Young Fascists
   a. Grensvegter
   b. The Branch
   c. Hoërskool Grenswag
   d. Singing in the Rain
Safety Seat
Side II -
Township Beat
Zola & the Budget
Song for Magnus
Reasonable Men
Play it Backwards
The Voice of Rage & Ruin

A self-released rarity from this San Francisco band... 
Kill the Messenger - Detail, Suede Brain Operations KTM 170562, 1987.
Side A -
One Night
This is America
Boy Anymore
I Don’t Know
Side B -
I Want to Come Back
Eliminate Coercion / Sucked Down the Tunnel

A recent addition that needed repair, a great Euro-psyche space rock sound from Stockholm...

Kungens Män – Bränna Tid, Auricle AMCDR 236, 2017.

Ring Så Spelar Vi
Third War Three
Kabanjak - Dub to Go 12" EP, Switchstance Recordings SR12 013, 2010.
Side A -
Dub to Go
Side B -
Dub to Go (Ancient Astronauts remix)
Ketama Dub

Japanese version of this release with four bonus tracks... 
Klaxons - Love Frequency, Sony Records Int’l SICP-4142, 2014.

A New Reality
There is No Other Time
Show Me a Miracle
Out of the Dark
Children of the Sun
Invisible Forces
Rhythm of Life
Liquid Light
The Dreamers
Atom to Atom
Love Frequency
bonus tracks-
Love Frequency (Tom Rowlands remix)
Show Me a Miracle (produced by Redlight)
Everywhere My Heart Goes
The Big Squeeze

Enjoy, m’K

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