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03 August 2021

Next on the To-Do List

 On November 3, 2007 I posted up a release Are You Seeking Truth‽ by Interrobang.  The music posted there has long since fallen by the wayside.

On the 11th of this month, B left the following comment:
     "I am always seeking truth, and this post makes me feel closer to it than I have in a long time. The raw stuff of art, contrary to itself, paradoxically defined by its own definition, the proverbial chicken indelibly fused at the molecular level with the eponymous egg, in a state of perpetual self-annihilation... that's what this post (and quite possibly, this music) feels like to me. Dadaism is art at war with itself, though lacking the passionate finality that makes war such a despicable concept... it's nihilism done right, devoid of ego. I should like to think it's no coincidence that this... whatever it is... should speak to me so fluidly in absence of itself from the pages of a blog entitled "Nothin' Sez Somethin'". The links are long dead, and Google searches seem to reveal that you are the lone protector of this Interrobang project's legacy in the digital realm; in fact, you seem to be its last link to the possibility of its quantum realization as an aspect of public consciousness! While I realize that this is a heavy responsibility you've undertaken, I cannot help but humbly request this project's re-up, if at all possible. Without even having heard this material, some arcane force within my molecules is telling me that it's not ready to re-assimilate itself into the nothing/something from which it sprang... not yet! I'm in your debt, should you ever find time to resurrect this, and please know that your writing is the catalyst that sparked my need to hear it. Thank you...- B"

Who could not respond to that?  Not this spudboy. Here is the original in its fullness, followed by a special unreleased CD that I happen to have.

Interrobang - Are You Seeking Truth‽, Little Lucky Record Interrobang CD1, 1998.
decryption codes in comments

! - Question Expression
@ - Bone Train
# - Allusion of Seclusion
$ - Where’s it At? (downtown)
% - Half a Soul
^ - Build for Pleasure
& - New Enlightenment
* - Sabbath Shaft II
? - Nobody
Also a rare limited edition live disc direct from PaPa Hawk...all rights reversed. Recorded at the Phoenix Lounge, N. 3rd St, San Jose...dive bar & live music venue of the 80s - 90s (still sround today, I believe...don't know what their scene is now). Live show recorded at said venue...sometime in the early 90s.


invert - to turn upside down, to reverse the order, position, direction
a - in, into, on, at, to (in the act or state of), off, of
brae - a sloping hillside

invertabrae - have no backbone

a reversal of the order, or direction (cycle, patterns) of a sloping bank

concept - paradigm is inherent - in everything

turn it upside down - “invertabrae”
reverse the order “invert a brae”
change the position “inverta brae”

up the hill, just to slide down again
fulfill the cycle, “invertabrae” brings it full circle

lose yourself, before you find yourself
a concept that re-emerges its self

we are all part of it “inverta brae”
we all take part in it “ invertabrae”
in the act of “ invert a brae”
in the state of “ invertabrae”

forget what you have learned
to see what you have really retained
change your information
turn your situation upside down
reverse the order, position , direction
of your “inverta brae”
we all endure “ invert a brae”
we all return to “ invertabrae

Interrobang - Alive at the Phoenix, Little Lucky Records Interrobang CD2, 199?.

72 You & Me Part I
Sounds by the Pound
Question Expression
Sabbathshaft I
72 You & Me Part II
Wave of Love


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