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24 November 2021

Back to Trip-hop & Then Beyond into the Vacuum


Originally the Love Letter Boxes, then Hoover, but Hoover sucks, so they changed their name to Hooverphonic. They are a Belgian group formed in 1995. The original members are: Alex Callier - guitar, bass, mixing; Raymond Geerts - guitar; & Frank Duchene - keyboards with an ever-changing line-up of singers including Esther Lybeert, Nina Sampermans, Liesje Sadonius, Geike Arnaert, Noémie Wolfs, Luka Cruysberghs, & now Geike Arnaert again. 


I kinda lost interest in this band when they added all the heavy orchestration (right after 2010s The Night Before). But I listen to their older material regularly. That's eight full-length albums & numerous singles to draw inspiration from... 


Bohemian Laughter
50 Watt
Club Montepulciano
Expedition Impossible
Mad About You
Jackie Cane
2 Wicky
Norwegian Stars
No More Sweet Music
This Strange Effect
Every Time We Live Together We Die a Bit
Mad About You (live)



  1. Nice to have a "best of" these guys -- I only have a couple stray tracks on various comps. Thanks!!

    1. I'm not sure if anyone would agree that these are the best of...but some of my favorites & a good cross-section of their early years (1995 - 2010). Thanks, brother.