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07 December 2023

Music that Needs Work - M: Cabaret Roi


Mechanical Cabaret is an electro/industrial act from London, UK. founded in 1999 after the breakup of Nekromantik. Since 2002 M.C. have been featured on movie soundtracks & toured with some of the worlds best Electro-industrial & EBM acts. With his outspoken lyrics & self-confident performances combind with an appealing mixture of EBM & Industrial influences reminiscences of Depeche Mode or Soft Cell, Roi Robertson has remained the main member, frontman, & lead creator of the project,

Here Mechanical Cabaret is: Roi Robertson; Tobi Chandler; & Brace Lovelock. 


Mechanical Cabaret - Beyond Science & Superstition, WTII RECORDS WTII091, 2013.
decryption code in comments

Kit Kat    
Why So Serious?    
Nothing to Hide    
I Lost My Friend to a Video Game    
The Death of the Porn Queen    
It Just Is    
Well, I Never!    
Out of Sync    
Hold on for Dear Life


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  1. Beyond Science & Superstition