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21 April 2024

Three Epics - Part Six: Zen Takes Control


In 2006, Zenzile teamed up with fellow French Dubsters High Tone (from Lyon, France) to release Zentone. High Tone is another instrumental Dub group (guitar, bass, drums, keyboards, & turntables) that like Zenzile, breaks all the boundaries that separate Dub from electronic music, ethnical, world music influences. with jungle intros, Oriental samples, beats & scratches that broadens the already fluid borders of Zenzile.


Zenzile meets High Tone - Zentone, Jarring Effects FX054CD, 2006.
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The Source
Crash Test
Dub Invaders
Organ Gift
Pulse Weed
The Drop
Wide Screen

2007s Living in Monochrome is a guitar-driven extravaganza of electro-Dub punk rock. It lives up to is name with stark black & white sound with fifty shades of grey. Numerous guest vocalists add to the splendor including regulars David Alderman, Jamika Ajalon, & Jean Gomis joined by the likes of Paul St. Hilaire & Tricky. This one is truly epic.
Zenzile - Living in Monochrome, UWe - UWe 234, 2007.

Still Can't Sleep
All Day Breakfast
Rising Fist
Giant Undertow
Pipe Dream 1
Who's for Real
A Quest
Demon Inside
Pipe Dream 2
Last Drink on Earth

Following Living in Monochrome, Zenzile expanded their sound in numerous sound experiments: (Pawnshop - pop); (Electric Soul - soul); (Berlin - film soundtrack); (Elements - audio-visual installation). I will explore those four in a further edition featuring this great band. But for now, I'm missing the Zenzile Dub. What began as Dub became broad & cinematic, with the band dabbling in rock, progressive, electro, new wave, funk-punk or krautrock until Dub had almost completely disappearred on the 2017s Elements release. But Elements was the final stage of a long enriching musical exploration because by straying too far from Dub Zenzile ended up missing the Dub they truly loved. 
Zenzile sez: 
     "We want to dive back into uninhibited, fresh & danceable Dub. A pure & hard Dub à la original Zenzile. We have come full circle & are ready with a host of new riddims & a slogan that could not be clearer: DUB UNLIMITED."

First they released a new addition to their 5+1 series with guest vocalist Jayree, a classic JA style set of five vocal tracks followed by their versions. Next was a trad vocal/Dub pairing set, this time teaming up with Irie Ites featuring Trinity. More recently, Zenzile has teamed up with High Tone again for another Zentone album. Here's that second meeting...
High Tone meets Zenzile - Zentone Chapter 2, Jarring Effects FX157-CD, 2021.

Dub Migration
Dub Revolution
Counter Strike Dub
Dub Parade
Hilltop Dub
Open Gate
Stone Cold Dub
Hotter than Hot
Cursed by Dub



  1. Zentone
    Living in Monochrome
    Zentone 2

  2. Each segment better than the last. Thanks!!!

    1. Thanks, brother. Trying to keep'em comin'.

  3. Thanks NØ. Stuck on Brexit Island we tend to ignore what's just over La Manche. I was familiar with O.B.F. and the Dub Tentacles releases but hadn't picked up on the excellence of Zenzile. Magnificent.

    1. Glad you've discovered Zenzile. Started picking up on them in the late 90s & never let go. They just change yet awe me with each release. I have favorites, of course (you know I lean to the Dubwise) but all their output is tremendous.

  4. great shares this week NØ, Reb enjoying them all