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15 April 2024

Three Epics - Part One: Salmon 1

Today I am starting a six part series sharing the works of three different bands. Each of the three is difficult to pigeon-hole into a particular genre. They each have their own unique styles that have created epic aural works.

All three are adjacent to Dub in some ways & that brought them to my attention over the years. While some bands stick to one recognizable style throughout their career (which can be good or bas) & some bands wear numerous guises (which can be bad or good), these three all speak through a voice true to their talents without falling into repetition.

I will try to begin at their beginnings with the sounds that first caught my ears & then travel through their wonderous diversity. All I can say is plunge in anywhere, beginning, middle, or end. Listen in any order you deem suitable to your mood. But most of all, Enjoy.

The first group in this series is Salmonella Dub.

Last Dubtember I began the month with two of their Dub Plate offerings, which you can find here.


Salmonella Dub is a Dub outfit from Christchurch, New Zealand formed in 1992 by members of Golf Course Alligators. GCA would use lighthearted Dub covers of Nancy Sinatra, The Orb's Little Fluffy Clouds, Public Enemy, even Fred Daggs "Larry Loves Barry" to win over skeptical audiences. They took the name Salmonella Dub because of these "bad-taste" Dub cover versions. At the time in New Zealand, Dub/roots/reggae freak-outs weren't in vogue. Grunge & dance music held sway. In the early 90s, New Zealand's liquor licensing laws changed, allowing pubs & clubs to stay open late, totally revitalizing the country's live music scene. The members of Golf Course Alligators (Andrew Penman - guitar, Mark Tyler - bass, & Dave Deakins -drums) officially became Salmonella Dub. In the early days they lacked money for cassettes so they raided the bins of a record store, finding discarded copies of things like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles albums to serve as their early tape stock.

Dub for Straights is an early self-released  CD from Salmonella Dub. All tracks were recorded live at Bob's Magic Carpet Studios in August 1993 except ''Reggi Flute'' recorded live at the Dux de Luxe 10/03/1993 & ''We the Dub Yore'' recorded in 1994. David Wernham, the band's engineer tidied up versions recovered off old cassettes & put them out on CD.


Salmonella Dub - Dub for Straights, self-released DUBCON0030, 1994.
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Cinncinati Kid    
Dub for Straights    
Shabba Dub    
John Banks    
Horses Arse    
We the Dub Yore    
Regi Flute

To prepare for their first, self-titled album in 1994, Peter Wood - trumpet, keyboard & Conan Wilcox - saxophone, percussion were invited to join the band. Salmonella Dub was released through the independent label Curious Records.
Salmonella Dub - Salmonella Dub, Curious Recordings, 1994.

Cock the Roach    
Trumpet Dub    
Cincinnati Kid    
Wee the Dub Yore
Orbital (Yasmin Dub)    
Ceremonial Dub    
Industry in Africa    
The Final Calling    
Bad Acid Hysteria    
Chuff the House    
Lost Soul (Acid Dub)    
bonus tracks -
More Dub Crazy    
Final Out

Following quickly from this album the band released Dub Tom Foolery, a 7 track EP mixed by Mike Hodgson of Pitchblack.
Salmonella Dub - Dub Tom Foolery EP, Curious Recordings CD002, 1995.

Daisy Fields (Part 1 & 2)    
Tom Foolery    
Panza Dub    
Dub for Straights    
Orbital (Projector mix)
Sundeck Dakking


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