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15 October 2008

Have you heard the news? Jesus is Dead!

Saw that a few folks had been hitting this but the link was dead. Re-upped 01/28/2016. Enjoy, NØ!

The Jesus Is Dead EP by stalwart Scottish punk rockers The Exploited is very likely the most solid release the band ever put out. Four savage, thrashing tracks about politicians, imperialism, religion, drugs, & issues with law enforcement. Production-wise, this is the best the band has ever sounded: the drums are loud, the bass has punch, guitars are wailing, & Wattie's legendarily indiscernible vocals are loud, upfront, & largely understandable. Although the songs are simple & straightforward, there is some great songwriting here. You may be pleasantly surprised to find how well Wattie & the Exploited's brand of sincere, hard-working punk stands the test of time.

This incarnation of The Exploited are: Wattie Buchan - vocals; Nig - guitar; Deptford John - bass; & Willie Buchan - drums.

The Exploited - Jesus is Dead EP, Combat Core 88561-8126-1, September 1986.

Side A -

Drug Squad Man
Privacy Invasion

Side B -

Jesus Is Dead



  1. worst... band... ever

  2. chris,

    you need to listen to a lot more music. worst.. band... ever.

  3. That Guy's A JERK6/10/09, 10:04 PM

    Yah, Chris, you are an idiot for saying that. These guys are the best. One problem, all links lead to a gif stating that the file is private and only the owner can view or download it. LAME!

  4. Fucking awsome and what great cover art.