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04 October 2008

Treasure Island report - pt. 2

After several spliffs & several buses we found ourselves at TC & Jolene's abode in Berkeley, not far from People's Park.

Lao said she didn't feel like hanging around if we oldsters were just going to be reliving the past, so we banned nostalgia for the mind-poison that it is & decided on other entertainment.

TC & Jolene, like myself, are still narco-anarchists, & like myself, in the passing years they have moved to the strictly organic. During the punk heyday, I never much had the desire to do psychedelics in social settings, as the punk scene was more conducive to amphetamines & alcohol. Since then I have changed my ways & only do what I (or friends) can grow. That means I normally limit myself to weed & 'shrooms (which I brought along for this adventure in abundance). TC, on the other had, living in a more urban space, has turned his green thumbs to cacti & poppi (which he had in even more abundance).

Jolene had constructed an authentic Pawnee sweat lodge in their back yard & this is where we spent the majority of the next two days. First we performed a cleansing ceremony with much sweating & chanting, then we moved on to a Peyote ritual with a great deal of fun with the little green man (liberally infused with peace-pipe loads of green & O).

Here's some musick to listen to while you ponder these events.

Sub Pop SP206, 1993.
decryption code in comments


To be continued...


  1. After Pt.1, I was expecting to read about how you ducked outta that store-front and assaulted the city in a manner of wreck-less (sic) hedonism... I wan't expecting this magical turn of events!

    Wowie! and envy emanate from my typing - in equal portions.

    It is so amazing and cool to run into long lost friends (I, personally, met up with someone 15 years past, this past weekend. A mind tripper, to be sure, but MPLS is a relatively small town. It should have happened eventually... But in 'frisco? In a doorway? Too wild.)

    It reinforces my atheistic belief... "That was not random. That was an eventuality."

    Sweat-lodging with peyote and weed? Ooh, you just made me flash the green-eyed envy look for a second... But I would fail in that situation. I would talk too much and try externalize my inner euphoria.

    OK, I'm typing too erratic and much...

    Glad you got yer ya-yas on, though, Nathan!


  2. MEGA decryption code