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29 October 2008

The Jesus Lizard Show

 UPDATE: This post was re-uploaded 
08/22/2013. Enjoy,

 After the breakup of Scratch Acid, singer David Yow relocated from Texas to Chicago. He teamed up with former Cargo Cult guitarist Duane Denison & ex-Scratch Acid bassist David Wm. Sims for a new project called The Jesus Lizard. The J-Lizard used a drum machine for their earliest recordings & performances, before adding drummer Mac McNeilly after recording their first EP Pure.
is a live album from 1994 that was joint released without the band's consent by Collision Arts & Warner Bros. subsidiary label Giant Records.

"A band with limitless energy & unfathomable power, The Jesus Lizard's live acts are legendary. While Steve Albini managed to capture the band's ferocity as effectively as possible within the confines of a studio, a recording of the band in their blistering, live, & unmixed state has been long overdue. Show finally delivers the goods on a live The Jesus Lizard album by presenting a set recorded in the infamous CBGBs club. Every element of the band's sound seems to have grown accordingly in both volume & size. The bass is monstrous, the drums are bludgeoning, the guitar is unwieldy, & Yow's vocals are hoarser, more desperate than ever."
drumb - Milwaukee,WI.

The Jesus Lizard - Show, Collision Arts/Giant, 1994.
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Side A -

Deaf as a Bat
Bloody Mary
Killer McHann

Side B -

Dancing Naked Ladies
Fly on the Wall
Wheelchair Epidemic
Monkey Trick

Read mikelittlepony's comment & my reply in comments to explain the following...
The Jesus Lizard - Down, Touch & Go TG131, 1994.

Side A -
Fly on the Wall
Countless Backs of Sad Losers
Queen for a Day
The Associate
Destroy Before Reading

Side B -
Low Rider
50 ¢
American BB
The Best Parts



  1. I love the Jesus Lizard! Back '97 or '98 Jesus Lizard played here in Pensacola at Sluggo's. That was one of the best shows I ever saw. David Yow likes to mess with people in the audience and he decided to mess with me. He was shirtless and sweaty, jumped down from the stage and bear hugged me as he continued singing. So I kept elbowing him in the stomach which did absolutely no good! He kept hugging me and singing so I grabbed the mic and started screaming into it. It was awesome! Except for his sweat all over me. Later on he got completely naked onstage.

  2. Michelle,

    Thanks for sharing the great story, I got salty/wet just reading it. (yuck/cool)

    Thanks for all your support here at NSN.

    Thanks for posting up Mood of Defiance (I had already been tipped off to Now being on Down Underground, but to not feel like a hypocrite, I don't download from Mark anymore because of my own anti-fascist stance). That week Mark posted it, a friend let me know, you posted it, & another friend sent me the album, so it was a Mood of Defiance week.

    Keep up what yer keepin' up.

  3. You uploaded the Down album there good sir, not Show.
    Slowly moving backwards in time trough your blog and enjoying it a lot right now. Lots of stuff I already love, like The Dead C, Mick Collins, The Clean, Dex Romwebber. But I also grabbed some things I usualy wouldn't, just on impulse, with a good balanced outcome of loving/not caring so much.
    Thanks for expanding my horizon.


    1. Thank you so much, kind sir. When I was re-uploading this post I guess I grabbed Down instead of Show.They both have four letters, so...my bad. I depend on the aid of visitors & friends like yourself to alert me of my foibles. I don't always actually download the files after I post them up & don't often notice errors like this. I have now corrected the link for Show & have added the information for Down & left it as well, so win / win. Glad you are finding some music you like & glad you are trying unknowns. I am really glad that you are able to find at least "a good balance' of things you like. If you come across posts as you travel back into the past that are no longer available for some reason, let me know & I will re-up them as quickly as possible.

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