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10 October 2008

Treasure Island report - pt. 4 (part one)

You probably don't know this, but between The Misfits & The Fuck-ups, between Mars Volta & Pere Ubu, between The Imperial Pompadours & the Lynch Mob, between Bongwater & Scratch Acid, I listen to Sneaker Pimps & Thievery Corporation & Massive Attack. I really like Hot Chip & Lao loves them so we needed to be over on the Island by 4:20 (I'm not making this up).

We lazed-in late, waked & baked, went to Cha Ya Japanese vegetarian restaurant for lunch, then walked over to Candlestick (er, AT&T Park).

The crowd at the shuttle-point were mostly The Hills, Gossip Girl, OC types & we figured right off we'd better save the 'shrooms for Sunday, which was cool, because we ran into this EarthGirl with a baby in a stroller selling what turned out to be heavenly hash brownies (plus I traded some homegrown for two tickets to Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds at the Warfield [more on that to come]).

We got over on the Island in time to check out Bostich & Fussible of the Nortec Collective. I dig the whole Nortec Collective sound, traditional Mexican gone electronica/techno. Bostich is Ramon Amezcua & Fussible is Pepe Mogt. Along with a group of great musicians, the Collective created a grooving 21st Century electroMex vibe that set a sultry tropical mood that went well with the Island locale.

After Nortec we kinda just hung around, smoked, ate some more brownies, watched people, looked at records & t-shirts, bought the Black Dahlia a Dia de los Muertos hoodie & then got a good spot for Hot Chip. They kicked ass considering that it was mid-afternoon. Appropriately enough at 4:20 many people participated & some great bud was tried & shared. Alexis Taylor & Joe Goddard, chums since sixth form at Elliott School, Putney, London communicate as such, making for a slightly magickal live show. The band did two, three, four or more song medley-type versions of some their greatest tunes both old (4 yrs.) & new, "Over & Over", "Shake a Fist", "Ready for the Floor". I just wished they had done Kraft Dinner & that they wouldn't have ended on the One Pure Thought down-tempo style.

All I remember after that is people-watching & Alison Goldfrapp looked like Stevie Nicks until TV On The Radio came on. It was just getting dark. The San Francisco skyline & the Bridges were coming to light & life. It was a glorious thing. TV On The Radio were excellent & confusing at the same time, like their name, both disconcerting & melodious, turbulent & harmonic at the same time. We stayed 'til they ended, them headed back to S.F. & the Warfield. I liked CSS's first stuff until the Black Dahlia said they sounded like The Go-Gos. After that, Belinda Carlisle was all I could hear & that was the end of that. Neither Lao nor I can stand the vocals of Justice, so no loss for day one.


& Stay tuned for the stunning conclusion...

1 comment:

  1. I was a big fan of "Blue Lines". And The Thievery Corporation have done some great stuff too.

    Haven't heard Hot Chip.

    Oh, and I have to agree with the Black Dahlia; CSS suck.

    Hope the Bad Seeds play up a storm.