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02 September 2009

Word Falling...Photo Falling...Towers Open Fire

Something for the ears...The Fugs - Virgin Forest

Something for the eyes...

from Port of Saints 1973 - William S. Burroughs:

"Drifting sand, fish smells & dead eyes in doorways, shabby quarters of a forgotten city. I was beginning to remember the pawn shops, guns & brass knuckles in a window, chili parlors, cheap rooming houses, a cold wind from the sea. Dead eyes seemed to be looking at some distant beginning to remember the boy, an old skating rink...any minute now...Who said Atlantic City?...wire rusty around jagged holes...Van's Surgery...writing croaker...Globe Hotel...Great Atlantic Accident...name address hotel quite right?...a number...police line ahead frisking seven boys against a wall. Too late to turn back, they'd seen us. & then I saw the photographers, more photographers than a routine frisk would draw. I eased a film grenade into my hand. A cop stepped toward us. I pushed the plunger down & brought my hands up, tossing the grenade into the air. A black explosion blotted out the set & we were running down a dark street toward the barrier. Behind us the city went up in chunks."


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