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17 September 2009

& thanks for the memories!

From left - Artiste Mark Ritch working the soundboard & bon vivant Henry Lee aka NØ
taken at the notorious Poopoopalooza debacle better known as Punchupaloser

Well, as I mentioned in the Zarkons post, Tuesday past was my two year anniversary here at Nothin' Sez Somethin'. I've never given a rat's ass about whether or not anyone comments, though I am indeed thankful to all who do & try to respond in kind, but when my TWO YEAR mark came & went with nary a word, not even from my so-called netfriends, well...in the words of Blue Cheer to Bill Graham when he denied them a slot on the last days of Fillmore West extravaganza, "Fuck you & thanks for the memories!"


  1. Fuck you too, brother!

    I am frankly terrible at recalling anniversaries, which bodes ill for future marital bliss, but I have been especially guilty this past week or so of keeping my head so low on my shoulders that it looks screwed down.

    It's far too early in the morning here to raise anything in toast beyond a cup of black coffee, but...
    Cheers! And good to see you in the 'flesh' at long last, too.

  2. Actually being a founding member of Blue Cheer it went like this......while playing a gig with Traffic at Bill Graham's Fillmore East Paul Whaley, Drummer was late because he was with Linda Eastman at her apt. s...................and finally when he showed up and they started their set a member of the audience yelled out
    "Turn those Motherfuckers down"
    and Dickie yelled back,
    "Tune In Motherfucker"
    And bill graham said he would never hire them again and didn't.

  3. A word.

    Eric Albronda..."s......" = "snacking?" or "sipping cider?"

  4. "Cider sniffing with the big Pickle"

  5. O left a message at my blog Lick the Plate asking me if he was stupid or something cuz he couldn't find any music to download. No, not stupid, just observant enough to see there wasn't anything there, really, except weird cover art and cryptic posts. Well, fear no more: Selected Council Favorites for Your Enjoyment!


    Thanks for your interest (and congrats on two years).

  6. I meant NØ of course.

  7. ha ha a pic of Mark and Henry. Two truely unique San Jo crazies. Right on!

  8. I just surfed in!

    (that's what she said)

    Just 'cause phuck heads ain't speakin', don't mean that they ain't readin'.

    Add a Cluster Map, there'z free, to your blog if'in ya wants some feedback.


  9. Oh yeah, ain't Intercourse near Blue Ball?

    Stay on groovin' safari,

  10. I shoulda sed somethin'. Sorry, Nathan Nothin'!

  11. y'know kid... you've got spunk.

    i hate spunk.

    the nazz

  12. See, just curse at us and we'll respond. Congrats on 2 years!
    I don't get many comments on my blog either, but I get a shitload of downloads. Geez, can't people take 1 minute of their time and say hello and thanks?

  13. Haha MTM Show quote from Nazz.

    Congrats, brother.
    My Mom and sister (not the same person) always complain about that, too.
    I forgot my own 1 year anniversary till I thought "Hey...", looked up the 1st post and it was 6 weeks past.

  14. any chance for a re-upload:
    Ken Colyer - Back to the Delta(a New Orleans Encore), London Records LB 1089, 1954

  15. Two years?!Why thats how lomg it took to find you, much less type out this drivel...HIYA, NATE--I DO THINK ABOUT YOU ALOT!!!

  16. To MarkRitch,
    great to hear from you, my brother. & on Mitch's birthday (had he lived), too. there are certainly ties that bind. Ryan Rice just found us after several years. Man, of all the SanJoHaze shit, I really miss Bike for Beer.
    Peace & love

  17. As you already know, I was away when you hit the two mark, but I wanted to let you know that your work is very appreciated. Congratulations on hitting the two year mark. I've been around long enough to see a lot of blogs come and go without ever hitting the mark, so it is something to be proud of. You've done a great job here, as well as on my blog. The music blogosphere is certainly a better place thanks to you, regardless of whether or not some of these lazy ass inconsiderate leechers acknowledge it or not ;) Don't let them get you down my friend. Do it for the few who are considerate enough to show their appreciation for the time you devote out of your own busy life to sharing quality music with them.


  18. What are you talking about? That wasn't said by Blue Cheer! It was said by Mike Wilhelm of Charlatans, Flamin' Groovies, Loose Gravel fame!