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31 January 2013

Marcel, Da Campiest

LHOOQ was an electro trip-hop band from Iceland. The band is named after a work of art by Marcel Duchamp. In 1919, Marcel Duchamp drew a moustache & goatee with a pencil on a post card reproduction of Leonardo's Mona Lisa. He named his work "L.H.O.O.Q." This, when read aloud in French, gives "Elle a chaud au cul", which means something like "She has a hot ass."

This is some smooth trip-hop in the Morcheeba or Olive vein with sexy vocals by Sara.
"A Day Lasts Forever", "BEM", & the instrumental "Peeping Tom" are particularly good.

LHOOQ are: Sara Guðmundsdóttir – vocals; Pétur Hallgrímsson – guitar; Guðni Finnsson - bass guitar; Jóhann Jóhannsson – keyboard;  & Arnar Geir Ómarsson - percusion. They issued only one EP called I Don't Want to Know (Bogus)  & this album called LHOOQ in 1998.

LHOOQ ‎– LHOOQ, Echo ‎– ECHLP 22, 1998.
 decryption code in comments
Side A:
Losing Hand
A Day Lasts Forever
Take Me Away

Side B:
Calling Me
I Don’t Want to Know (Bogus)
More to Life
Peeping Tom


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