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29 January 2013

Now I Want Tom Trocoli's Dog

Tom Troccoli’s Dog was an SST band featuring: Black Flag roadie Tom Troccoli –guitar; Greg Ginn – bass; & SST hanger-oner Dave Claasan - drums. This album may be a low point to faithful SST fans, but the album contains undoubtedly the best ever Dylan cover. Tom's Dog’s rendition of “Girl From The North Country”, with John Doe of X being the Johnny Cash to Troccoli’s Bob Dylan is one of the finest Dylan covers I’ve ever heard. Another great song on this record is also a cover, a version of Lightnin’ Hopkins’ “Play with Your Poodle”.  Don’t confuse TTD with SST, this is more Grateful Dead than Black Flag, but choose your own poison. Just something that doesn’t seem to be available that might be worth checking out.

                                          TOM TROCCOLI’S DOG – s/t LP, SST 047, 1985.

Side A:
Orcanese Faretheewell
Davo’s Boogie
Katie & Elmo
So Long
Slow Dancing

Side B:
Girl from the North Country
Play with Your Poodle
Todo Para Mi

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  2. When we saw black flag at Sancho Brothers Wrestling Hall in El Paso back in the day...Along with The Rhythm Pigs, and Saccharine Trust (who stole the show btw), Tom Troccoli's Dog was on the bill. They got quite the aggressively negative reaction from the crowd and Troccoli ended up in the crowd trying to punch out detractors (the highlight of their set for sure...at least in terms of sheer punk attitude).

    1. yeah, a crowd fired up for Black Flag, The Rhythm Pigs, & Saccharine Trust probably weren't really having Tom's musick, rather enjoying his shenanigans, though. BTW, I just posted up Saccharine Trust's The Great One is Dead (European release only) over at Digital Meltd0wn.