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27 January 2013

The Bhopal Disaster

Union Carbide Productions was a Swedish rock band formed by: Ebbot Lundberg – vocals; Patrik Caganis – guitar; Björn Olsson – guitar; Per Helm – bass; & Henrik Rylander – drums; in Göteborg. They were a bunch of thuggish-sounding, Stooges-inspired pounders playing a fusion of psychedelic rock & punk rock, a bit angrier, closer to stoner rock than The Soundtrack of Our Lives (the band that emerged from the ashes of Union Carbide Productions). There are few bands who employed the Stooges primal riff - thud'n'noise better than UCP. With a background in Göteborg 's richer suburbs, the bands members built an image of lost & alienated yuppie kids on a hunt for kicks, somewhere in a fictive world between nothing to lose & adulthood’s rules. Their musick was fueled by the rampaging guitars of Patrick Caganis & Bjorn Olsson, topped off by  the half-octave, node-encrusted vocal growl of Ebbot Lundberg.

These are the original mixes completed in Chicago in 1992 & produced by Steve Albini. These are not the remixed & partially re-recorded tracks released on the RADIUM 226.05 Records label version of the album SWING which was done by Union Carbide Productions following their return to Sweden that same year.  These recordings are taken direct from the uncut DAT masters. There are two bonus tracks taken from the same session. The track “Doing Time” was previously released only as a B-side on the High Speed Energy single released in North America exclusively on the Pistpuppet label in 1993. The track “Get Riddley” is from the same session & is previously unreleased. Also included are two live tracks recorded in Europe & some closing words from Ebbot.

This may be an ‘authorized bootleg’ & it may not be available in print now, but if you’re interested in this, you might want to get it quick. Scandinavian psychedelic garage rock played the way it was meant to be played.   

Radium Records 084-98312, 1993.
decryption code in comments

1. Hey Steve!
2. Waiting For Turns
3. High Speed Energy
4. Anytime
5. Solution
6. Turn Off The Blues
7. Chameleon Ride
8. Doing Time
9. Mr. Untitled
10. Right Phrase
11. How Do You Feel Today?
12. Gameboy (raw mix, not completed)
13. Beefhead (raw mix, not completed)
14. TV Spiders
15. Get Riddley (previously unreleased)
16. Glad to Have You Back (live)
17. Here Comes God (live)
18. Bullshit


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