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10 January 2013

Violence Against Women is Global

UPDATE: This post was re-uploaded 09/14/2013. Enjoy, NØ.

Sakine Cansiz, one of the founding members of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party or PKK & the organization’s first senior female member, along with two other Kurdish women, Fidan Doğan (of the Brussels based Kurdish National Congress) & Leyla Söylemez, were found executed today in Paris. The executions took place as the Turkish government is negotiating with PKK leaders in Turkey. It appears to be the action of persons within the Turkish government that wish to destroy these negotiations. The PKK is hated by many hard-line Muslims because they advocate full emancipation for women. Part of their party’s platform states:
     “All laws reflecting male domination should be annulled. Violence against women, all forms of control on women’s bodies and lives resulting from outdated custom and traditional habits and bride’s price should be forbidden.” (KKP Program, 2003)
This program of the PKK is in stark contrast to the harsh anti-feminist positions of the Islamic capitalist governments of Iran, Turkey, & Iraq. Yet despite these sexist human rights positions, Turkey is still an ally of the US.

Many of the Kurds know that their national interests will never be served by the “liberating” forces of Turkey & Iran or British & American imperialism. This will only be established by the Kurds themselves, by the alliances they build with other anti-imperialist forces. British imperialism divided Kurdistan, a country with its own unique language & culture, into a minority inside the nations of Iraq, Turkey, Syria, & Iran. Today the Kurds are the largest nation without a homeland in the world. Imperialism, with its motto of divide & conquer, never has & never will solve the Kurdish question. A free & united Kurdistan will only be born through a sweeping socialist revolution that overthrows the capitalist regimes of Turkey, Iran, Iraq, & Syria while challenging the military dictates of the United States.

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