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18 June 2013


The Katenga Humming Bees, led by guitarist T.C. Katenga, were a popular band in Malawi during the 1970s. Love these two songs. Other than that, I don't really know anything about them.

 Katanga Humming Bees -  Musadabwe Jane b/w Pasilya Po 7” 45rpm, Zakwathu MX 104, 1973. 
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Evison Matafale was a Malawian from Chileka. He was born in 1969. He was the founder & leader of Malawi’s most successful reggae band The Black Missionaries. The band was originally made up of five members: Evison Matafale; Peter Amidu; & three Fulami brothers, Musamude; Anjilu; & Chizondi. Currently only three of the founding members are living.

Evison Matafale rose to fame & iconic status after the release of their debut album, Kuimba 1, in 1999. However, soon after Kuimba 1 was released, Evison disappeared from the public view for almost a year battling with tuberculosis. He returned to the limelight upon the release of their second album, Kuimba 2 in 2001. However, his star did not shine long. He died while in police custody on November 27th, 2001. There are various versions as to his death. One blames the police for brutality. The other blames his poor health due to tuberculosis. Probably it was a combination of the tuberculosis & poor health conditions & lack of treatment by the police while in custody. After Evison died, Musamude Fulami took over the band. He too died from tuberculosis in September, 2007.

This is the last Black Missionaries release featuring Musamude Fulami. I have added a bonus track “Police Hunt Matafale” from Kuimba 3 featuring Musamude.

The Black Missionaries are musical icons in Malawi. They always sell out their shows with their take on reggae & their traditional story-telling abilities. They are primarily active in & around the city of Blantyre. They reside in nearby Chileka. The band currently has seven members: Peter Amidu; Yanjanani Chumbu; Taku Chokani; Paul Chokani: & three of Robert Fulami’s sons, Anjiru; Chizondi; & Moda Fulami (Robert Fulami is also musical nobility from Malawi. He passed away July 12, 2012).

They have nine albums, Kuimba I – IX. They perform in concerts throughout Malawi, singing about love & promoting rastafarian issues.

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Tracklist -

Ngooneka Bwanji?
Lovin’ U
Children of Rasta
bonus track – Police Hunt Matafale

To paraphrase Sonny Curtis - Remember, you might fight the law, but the law wins.

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