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14 June 2013


Patrick Victor is one of the most renowned sega singer/guitarist from Seychelles, who over the past decades has made a significant contribution in shaping the music scene of the Indian Ocean islands nation. Bergitta Victor is his niece. She grew up with music in her life, her heart, & her soul. The root of all her music lies in the beauty & splendor of the Seychelles where she spent her childhood.

In 1993 Patrick was invited to appear with his Seychelles Sound & Dance Group at the prestigious Montreux Jazz Festival. At only age 11, Bergitta came along to Switzerland. There she discovered a new, dynamic world of music: jazz, soul, rhythm & blues, & pop music. She formed a band with some of her school friends. Soon Bergitta was singing at weddings, birthday celebrations, & even festivals. Not confining herself to singing, Bergitta was also writing her own songs.

She got jobs singing jingles, doing backing vocals for reggae & hip-hop bands, & because of her vocal stylings, to write & record her own tunes in the areas of chill house & trip-hop. Her personal musical style is a mixture of pop, soul, & jazz that she had come to love mixed with the world music style from the Seychelles.

Bergitta is young artist with a promising future.

 Bergitta Victor – Sesel, Jazzhaus R, 2009. 
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Tracklist –

If I Should Go (feat. Namusoke)
Beruehr Mich Jetzt
Sprich mit Mir
So Deep (feat. Namusoke)
Every Word You Say
Silly Song
Sinn des Lebens
Je Mehr
So Deep (original)
Sister Yeah Yeah
Donn Li en Rev
Love (We do Strange Things)


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