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08 June 2013


Before I post up some music from Swaziland, I have something to say here. After all, this is Nothin’ Sez Somethin’.

Swaziland is governed by an absolute monarchy. King Mswati III has ultimate authority over the cabinet, legislature, & judiciary. There is a prime minister & a partially elected parliament, but political power remains largely with the King & his traditional advisors, the most influential of whom is the Queen Mother. International observers concluded that Parliamentary elections held in 2008 did not meet international standards. The 2008 Suppression of Terrorism Act, used to silence dissent & ban certain political organizations, is still in effect.

Human rights problems include: inability of citizens to change their government; extra-judicial killings by security forces; police use of torture, beatings, & excessive force on detainees; police impunity; arbitrary arrests & lengthy pretrial detention; arbitrary interference with privacy & homes; restrictions on freedoms of speech & press along with harassment of journalists; restrictions on freedoms of assembly, association, & movement; prohibitions on political activity & harassment of political activists; discrimination & violence against women; child abuse; human trafficking; societal discrimination against members of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, & transgender (LGBT) community; discrimination against mixed-race & white citizens; harassment of labor leaders; restrictions on worker rights; & child labor.

Because of all the issues mentioned above, many Swaziland musicians & bands have moved to other African nations (in particular, South Africa) or Europe & America. Those who have stayed are under strict scrutiny by the monarchy.

Footnote to absolute monarchy: One of the musical events held annually in Swaziland is the Reed Dance. Tens of thousands of young nubile Swazi virgins dance before the King & he picks out another wife. He currently has twelve wives & twenty-four children. Not a very good example for the citizen of a very impoverished nation.


Mbongiseni ‘ Bholoja’  Ngubane was born in Swaziland in 1979. He is a very gifted, humble, celebrated young musician. His striking multi-tonal voice & his native lyrical songs has won him great respect at home & abroad. Bholoja is Swaziland’s rising symbol of song, art, & culture. His greatest inspiration is Swazi tradition & their way of life, seeking through his songs to ensure that an essential part of Swaziland’s cultural heritage does not fall victim to historical neglect. His music responds to the Africa’s global changing situation & increasing growth challenges. Bholoja is a spokesperson of the poor, orphaned, AIDS victims, & underprivileged, with a message of hope.

Bholoja’s style of music has been labeled Swazi Soul. It is fast gaining popularity in Swaziland & throughout Southern Africa. It is a mixture of various musical types: Afro-pop, traditional African, & soul. His music creates in insightful social narrative, speaking to the very conscience of the listeners. One of his greatest strengths is his power as a lyricist. Most of his songs focus on the social & economic issues that govern people’s daily lives, yet they are always flavored with an infectious sense of humor & optimism.

Bholoja was awarded the 2007 Entertainer of the Year Award by Swaziland National Youth Awards.

He recorded this 8-song demo album in Paris in 2007 with the support of the Alliance Francais du Swaziland.

He was appointed a member to the Entertainment Committee of the 40/40 National Double Celebration by His Majesty, King Mswati III, August 2008.

 Bholoja – Demos 2008, Alliance Francais du Swaziland, 2008. 
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Tracklist –
Fela Khona
Western in Africa
Bantfwa Bam
Indzawo Yami

He recorded his first official release, Swazi Soul, in 2010.

 Bholoja – Swazi Soul, SLCD 191, 2010.
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Tracklist –

Indzawo yami
Ikhonkhotsa ilele   
Zero to Hero   
Ngikhumbula ngisemncane   
African unite   
You and I   
Umhlaba Uyahlaba   
King Somhlolo’s Dream  

The following post is a compilation I threw together of various genres of music: reggae; soul; pop; house; techno; & more that tries to present a general cross-section of sounds currently coming out of Swaziland today. If you hear anything you might really enjoy, try searching out that artist elsewhere.

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Tracklist –
Cootchie – Stronger
Nomzamo – Lobola
+268 – I Wanna Love
Tiyas – Me & You
Ras Mellow – Wanna Be Free
Nomalungelo – Imiyalo
inGnius Worx-Q – It’s Okay
Daddy Rich – Fire Pon Dem
Spirits Indigenous – Betive



  1. Demos
    Swazi Soul

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