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20 April 2014


When I was re-upping Singers & Players - Leaps & Bounds the other day, I realized I hadn’t yet posted up Revenge of the Underdog. Remedying that right here right now. Nothin’ much else to say, but On-U Sound…Dub.

Here Singers & Players are: Bim Sherman, Neville ‘Jah Woosh’ Beckford, Lizard, & Prince Far I – vocals; ‘Crucial’ Tony Phillips – guitar & bass; Keith ‘Lizard’ Logan – bass; Carlton ‘Bubblers’ Ogilvie & Nick ‘Housmous Mouse’ Plytas – keyboards; Lincoln ‘Style’ Scott – drums; & Bonjo Iyabinghi Noah – percussion.

Singers & Players – Revenge of the Underdog, On-U Sound On-U LP 11, 1982.
decryption code in comments

Side A –

Merchant Ship
Jah Army Band
Too Much Work Load
Prodigal Son

Side B –

Water the Garden
Resolution / Resolution (part 2 / version 2)
Thing Called Love (Don’t Fight)



  1. Vrc6FyrZysrgcM6JzzNEKF59-Fw6JNttwsbE-vFXWdc

  2. Thanks I love Singers & Players (what a line-up of talent) and On-U

    1. Thanks, Paul. You can find more Singers & Players as well as many
      other On-U Sound talents other places on this here blog.

  3. Well. Mega, for sure. Why I have no encryption key ? Love is a bitch.

    Hmm. While i'm about it, at it - what you will - you might wanna check your intray, sure, east, north, south. I know. I have no damn right to right to babble on about co-ordinates.


    a sniper on the street.

  4. Damn. Mega asks me to install browser extension, even though said file is way under 1GB. Still. You have to applaud the guy for keepin' on keepin' on.

    Fuck the F.B.I.

    The swimming pool accident early in Crews' career caused me some consternation. Nonetheless it ranks alongside James Brown as a lesson in the potency of the confessional. While making no demands for absolution.

    1. Just lost my train of thought (actually I went to another page & the reply I had so handily crafted disappeared into the aether. Kim DotCom. Need I say more.

      Let's get you up to speed. The extension helps make things smoother is all. Google Chrome works best with MEGA. Comodo has a freeware open-source version of Chrome that is sleeker & more secure (allows anonymous browsing, too). Firefox has add-ons for MEGA. The decryption code is usually in the comments (single songs usually I just combine the link so not necessary)...it in the first comment on this post...the 43unit garble, just cut & past.

      If you get the chance, check out the Feb. 28, 2013 post for something that I'm mighty proud of having done.

      I'll check my e-mail posthaste.