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06 April 2014

More Mori

Probably said enough about Ikue Mori here before this.

Born & raised in Japan. Went to New York City in 77 initially for a visit but fell into the music scene. Remained in New York ever since.

Drummer for seminal No Wave band DNA with Arto Lindsay & Robin Crutchfield. After DNA became active in the New York experimental music scene. Formed Death Ambient (earlier post). Beyond solo recordings, has recorded or performed with Marc Ribot, Dave Douglas, Butch Morris, Kim Gordon, Thurston Moore, & many others. Member of Hemophiliac with John Zorn & singer Mike Patton, also Zorn's Electric Masada. With Zeena Parkins, records & tours as duo project Phantom Orchard. Often records on Tzadik as well as designing covers for many of their albums.
On Painted Desert, the artists are: Ikue Mori – drum programming, Robert Quine & Marc Ribot – guitars. Recorded at Sear Sound NYC Februart 14-16, 1994.

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Medicine Man
El Dorado
Santa Ana Excursion
Painted Desert


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  2. Thanks a lot for this! I seem to be getting back to my old habits and searching blogs to download stuff was one of those.

    I love the guitar work Quine made for Matthew Sweet's records and also love the track from this album that's up on YouTube. Hope the rest of the album holds up!!