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14 April 2014

He was a Knockout Artist

I’ve been on a Harry Crews jag lately. I’m deep into heavy anticipation. A friend of mine is sending me a 1972 Morrow edition of Car by HC. I've been wanting to read it fot quite some times. Though it gets mixed responses, it's from 1972, sixteen years prior to The Knockout Artist, & I like my Crews raw. Plus its about a guy who wants to eat a car, so...

So I’ve been re-reading some past hits. I started with Celebration, my least favorite FAVORITE.

Then I hit up All We Need of Hell.

Now I’m reading Scar Lover. Nearly tied with my favorite Harry Crews. Deeply Southern gothic.

Next I’ll be hitting my fave The Knockout Artist.

Harry Eugene Crews should be around still. With the bacon craze in full swing, Crazy Crews from Bacon County, Georgia (March 28, 2012 R.I.P.) he be more crisp than ever.

& so to be in sync with the read-a-mania, I thought it apropos to be listening to Lydia Lunch, Kim Gordon, & Sadie Mae as Harry Crews, the band.

A short lived project created by these female post punk heavy weights. Harry, the writer, was their muse. They made much of his themes, words, & ideas. Their music has been most appropriate in capturing the mood of Crews’ writing in their bombastic sound. Harry Crews toured Europe from September 1 - 24, 1988. The album was recorded live at the Mean Fiddler, London & in Vienna, Austria by Vienna Radio."

Harry Crews - Naked in Garden Hills, Big Cat ABB 21, 1990.
decryption code in comments

Side A –
About the Author
Man Hates a Man
You’re It
Gospel Singer
Knockout Artist
(She's in a) Bad Mood

Side B –
The Way Out
Bring Me Down



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  2. Stole this vinyl from the college radio station I worked at when it came out. They wouldn't let us play it, so why the hell not?

    Glad to have it again. Thank you.


  3. Also. If you haven't read A Feast of Snakes, do yourself that favor, too.



  4. Next after Car, A Feast of Snakes it is. Thanks.

    As to the stolen record, if they're not gonna play it, then it's
    up for grabs in my book.

  5. I didn't know this band project. I looked up this post hours ago absent mindedly. And just now I looked up Kim Gordon and found Harry Crews. I remembered reading it here hours ago. So I came back! LOL

    1. Welcome, friend. Thanks for the comment. I can totally relate as my mind is absent much of the time. Glad you're laughing. Check out the blog, see if there's anything else to make you smile. Not much Seattle or grunge, however.

  6. Hmm, how did you guess I like Seattle or grunge? :D Yeah man, will check out this blog and dig deep.

    1. I'm not only psycho, but psychic.