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25 April 2014

Lung Leg Sibling

This post goes out to a great friend & fellow Taurus, Glaswegian Felix Natal…who like the Phoenix of mythology has risen from the ashes. Brother Ib, this one’s for you.


The original Lung Leg was transgressive cinema star Elizabeth ‘Lisa’ Carr. After appearing in Richard Kern's You Killed Me First (1985), Fingered (1986), & Worm Movie (1985), she dropped out of sight until she reappeared in the mid 2000s & has appeared in several movies, Sewer Baby (2005 with Tiny Tim & most recently in Jon Springer’s The Hagstone Demon (2011).

Lung Leg's acting talent was often oveshadowed by the intense & immense rage she brought to the screen. Director Richard Kern describes her as "scary".

LungLeg, the band, was an indie band from Glasgow, formed in 1994. They disbanded in 1999. They were known for a sparsely recorded, stop-start music in the C86 riot grrrl vein. LungLeg was arguably one of the cutest bands to come out of Scotland. Along with their Sesame Sleaze Street guitar riffs, the original all-female roster provided a vocal styling that was a combination of gang vocals teemed with a tiny touch of melody, resulting in a childlike innocence of minimal, guitar-based indie pop that was both angsty & bubbly at the same time.

The original line-up of Jane Egypt, Annie Spandex, Jade Green, & Mo Mo Quinn released two EPs in 1994 & 1995 respectively, both of which were "single of the week" in the Melody Maker. Here is their initial release.

LungLeg – The Negative Delinquent Autopsy, Piao! 02, 1994.
decryption code in comments

Side 1 –
Punk Pop Travesty
Milk & Water
Anatomy of a Dolly Bird

Side 2 –
Dirty Plotte



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  2. I'm into it!


  3. I got to see this band live ca. 1998 when they toured in the U.S. - they were kinda great, actually. The good stuff never dies...


  4. Thanks for the comments. Glad your all enjoying this. Most of the Glasgow musick I have is noise-y post-punk. This is kinda a change up.

  5. Replies
    1. Thanks for the comment & kind words, but...You Killed Me First.

  6. lung legg aka Lisa Carr aka antenoia was my old roomate in Minneapolis while living with my dad Greg .. aka cat jackson :) miss her

    1. Thanks for the personal comment. Love them the most. I think Lisa is scaring & tearing up Cali. as we speak???

    2. No, I am Lisa's nephew. She lives in Minneapolis right now in an apartment. :)

  7. Thank you! Saw Lung Leg support Huggy Bear in London (possibly HB last gig). They were great - but they didn't have any records/tapes for sale that night.