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31 August 2014

Even Voodoos Get the Blues

The Mutants were formed in 1998 by Veijo Keppo & Jussi Sipilä from the ashes of their previous band Isebel’s Pain. They wanted to form an instrumental band after getting tired of more than their fair share of difficult singers. They play a unique blend of 60s garage rock, surf, porn funk, & manic psychedelia. Their instrumental madness would be the perfect soundtrack for a lost Russ Meyer or Quentin Tarantino film.

After the first chaotic gigs with the usual rock instrumentation augmented by Farfisa organ, these Mutants decided they needed a bigger sound. They added saxophone & more percussion while the original punk/surf/garage style got shoved through a new funkier Parliament/Funkadelic filter. On the strength of several EPs, singles, & compilation tracks, dozens of gigs, the support of local music magazines, & the active garage rock scene of southern Finland, the band made a three-record deal with the label Spinefarm in 2003. On Spinefarm´s Ranch label, the band released the full-length albums Voodoo Blues (2003), Death Cult (2004), & Grave Groove (2007). This is their initial Ranch release.

On Voodoo Blues, The Mutants are: Veijo “Abnormal” Keppo - Farfisa organ & guitar; El Toro – guitar; Jack Europa – guitar & saxophone; Don Hesus – percussions; Kartsu “Dr Drunkenstein” a.k.a Orb Sirius – bass; & Victor Stereo – drums. Cover by Mexican master Tiki-artist Dr. Jorge Alderete.

The Mutants – Voodoo Blues, Ranch Records RANCH 11, 2003.
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Tracklist –

High Ride
Voodoo Blues
Sin Hipster
Stampede Caravan
Southern Far Out
Papa Simba
Move Along!



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  2. I just listen to "White Trash Trouble Man" on youtube and it's ace ! So I take what you give...Thanks buddy, I didn't know this band before.

    1. Most welcome. WTTM is a great song. Think you'll like these Voodoo Blues. A little more raw, not quite as funky as later offerings but still tastee.