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11 August 2015

Anon Ver. SC3 Lite

Decided to lighten this up. Just went off on one of my unnecessary rants. No need. This is about FUN!

By request.

Secret Chiefs 3 – Zulfikar II & III, Web of Mimicry WoM001, 1998.

Side 1 –
Zulfikar II

Side  2 –
Zulfikar III

Then there is the clear blue 7" vinyl 600 press run The Theatrum of Suprasensory Universe Vol. 1 that the band sold during their 1998 Australian tour (selling the remainder in the US after their return).

Side A –
Ignition of the Art
If You Want to Love, Taste the Knife
Lighting Effect: Shadow Bereft of a Thick Body
Scene 1: Palace of Putrefaction
Soundtrack: Automatic Lullaby of Death & Rebirth
Scene 2: Palace of Regeneration

Side B –
George →Benson (&) Michael →Hedges (or George Michael / Benson & Hedges)
Kodakotakemitsubishiva [Ko(dak]o[ta)ke(mitsu]bi[shi0va]
Humboldt Hill Mafia:
   Opus Contra Naturum
   Opening of the Matrix
   A Hillbilly’s Violent Love



  1. Thanks for the upload :)
    Case is simple: I'm too poor (also musician/guitarist )to financially support all the bands
    that I like and which deserve support .

    Too many bands - too little money
    Regards! Anon E' Mouse

  2. Thank you, good sir, as always.


    1. & thank you as always for your constant support. & for always taking time out to comment as well. glad I got that Teriyakis file fixed, thanks to you. Peace, brother.