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23 August 2015

The Best of Both Worlds?

This is a re-dub version of the Bullwackie/Perry release Satan Kicked the Bucket recorded in 1988 at Bullwackie's studio in New Jersey ("Ooh La La Dub" was recorded at Perry's resurrected Black Ark studio in Kingston). Having largely given up production work by then, Scratch concentrated on performing & singing in his own unique stream-of-consciousness style over Bullwackie's dub-influenced, more electronic tunes. Satan Kicked the Bucket is a fairly mundane release for both Bullwackie & Perry (compared to Bullwackies releases from the early 80s or Perry’s From the Secret Laboratory with Adrian Sherwood two years later).

In Satan’s Dub is a much better version. It features the Chosen Brothers & has a deeper, darker, funkier vibe with plenty of Perry’s surreal verbal excursions (rough vocals accompanied by grunts, squawks, assorted ranting & raving). Wackies All Stars created a fine groove & Bullwackie let it run more than he manipulated the sound, producing a work surprisingly minimalist in its approach. This re-dub plays to all the highlight of the original without its glaring faults.

Lee "Scratch" Perry Meets Bullwackie ‎– In Satan's Dub,
Reachout International Records RUSCD 8241, 1998.
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Tracklist –

Satan Dub
Come Home Dub
Ooh La La Dub
Upful Dub Fashion
President Dub
Dub Skeem
Strange Dub
Bog Walk Skanking
Undercover Dub
Stop Stop Dub
Moving in Dub
Dub Master

Lee gaan to bed,

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