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26 August 2015

It's a Family Affair

American Taboo was a post-punk/art-wave band from Chicago, IL. having both a detached cold wave feel with quirky discordant spasms radiating & rumbling around. Interesting arrangements & insightful lyrics. Came with something of a press kit which is included, so you can see more info on the band, the songs, & old ‘zine reviews.

AT consisted of: David PurPur – guitar & vocals; Brian Friedler – keyboards & vocals, Barbara Gillies – saxophone; Bob Jones – bass; & David Mahany – drums with various other percussion provided by all.

American Taboo – American Taboo 12” EP, Forbidden Records, 1984.

Side A –
60 Cycles

Side B –
Ritual Breakout

Just don’t get caught,

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