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22 August 2015

You’ll Be Hungry Again in an Hour

The Teriyakis’ post (Make Mine Veggie Teriyaki) has been getting a lot of downloads, one of the most popular non-Dub posts as of late. Decided to post up some more material by that under-appreciated group.

Since that posting I have been in contact with Hiram Lucke – vocals, guitar, organ (bass organ) & saxophone (amongst other instruments & duties) of the Yakis & his life/band mate Melissa Rodenbeck. After the Teriyakis demise, Hiram & Melissa formed The Harvey Girls band in August of 2003 in Lawrence, Kansas. They have since moved to Portland, OR. Most of their back catalogue is available on their bandcamp site so if you’re not familiar with their music, go give it a listen. If you like what you hear, support them.

I try not to post up music that is currently available from bands. That is their hard-earned livelihood. But Melissa thought it might be great for them to send me a kinda Best of The Harvey Girls sampler to give everyone a taste. I’ll be doing that sometime soon.

HL & MR have been such warm & open folks. It has been a real joy communicating with them. Hiram sent me some Teriyakis that I didn’t have & explained away a few oddities (I’ve owned their Psychics to Sidekicks CD for many years but have always been baffled…six songs listed, but only five songs on the disk??? Hiram straightened that out).

But enough talk…on with the musick!

Teriyakis – Psychics to Sidekicks, Terciopelo, 1998.
all decryption codes in comments

Tracklist –
Weirdo Frontiersman
Toot Decay/Rolodex Member
Pecos on the Prairie

Tracklist –
You Can Hear a Pin Drop
Boobalus Bobalus
Carson Robinson’s Boots
Captain Stuebing
Ride the Fish to Malta
Jukie from Lucke
King Woohoo, Asleep in a Hammock
Rooster Wans to See Choo
Maggots in My Beard
Shush VI
Never Claimed to be a Porn Star
3 Chord Song
Tea Party on the Ceiling
Subterranean Orangutan
Poopin’ Yo’ P’ants
Fly on Dashboard, Dead
Locust Springs for Country Serf

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  1. Psychics

  2. Thanks again!


  3. Can't get the decryption codes to work. Probably me being an idiot though.

  4. Copy the decryption code in the comment above. Paste where prompted at MEGA from the link beneath the cover art in the post. If that doesn't work, read April 1, 2015 MEGA MESS post (& comments). If you are still having a problem, let me know, I'll try something else.