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Slinging tuneage like some fried or otherwise soused short-order cook

13 March 2016

“I wanna live in the jungle. You don’t gotta wear no clothes.” Marcel Duchamp

For their initial outing, Sonia Dada is: Michael Scott, Paris Delane, & Sam Hogan – vocals; Daniel Laszlo – guitar; Dave Resnik – guitar; Chris 'Hambone' Cameron – piano & organ; Erik Scott – bass; & Hank Guaglianone – drums with additional help from Shawn Christopher & Yvonne Gage – vocals; Billy Beck – organ; Jim Hynes – trumpet; Kahil El’Zabar – percussion; Leddie Garcia – percussion; & Bobbye Hall – congas.

Sonia Dada – Sonia Dada cassette, Capricorn Records 42033-4, 1994.
decryption code in comments

Side 1 –
We Treat Each Other Cruel
You Don’t Treat Me no Good
Jungle Song
As Hard as it Seems
You ain’t Thinking (about Me)
The Edge of the World
Cut it up & Cry

Side 2 –
New York City
Never See Me Again
I Live Alone
Deliver Me
Deliver Me (slight return)
Mamba Wan Gamma


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