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25 March 2016

These are the Masters of the Universe

This is version twoness of the Oneness here at NSS (version juju here).

Cosmick jazz phunk at its very finest. Deep space rendezvous making musick for Planet Earth deep as midnight sky of blue.

If you want to read a great heart-felt piece "Personal Random Ramblings" by Plunky hisself, try this. It reminded me so much of my own past in the late 60s. It also gave me a feeling of great pride in what Bernie Sanders is attempting right now (Bernie is also a product of the radical 60s).

The distance between here & there is one thought. The time between somewhere & anywhere is the same. Places & things are collections of thoughts…mountains…molecules…molehills…Mars men. Quantum metaphysics.

On X, Oneness is: Plunky Nkabinde – vocals & saxophone; Chris Beasley – guitar; Kevin Christopher – keyboards & drum/bass loops; Carl Lester Jr. – bass; & Ronnie Cokes – drums with the help of Paris 'Pee Wee' Ford & Scott Harlan – additional bass heaviness, Rudy Faulkner – additional rapness, & Desiree Roots – additional vocal sweeeeetness.

Plunky & the Oneness of Juju - X Marks the Spot,Soulciety Records me00432, 1996.
decryption code in comments

Tracklist –
Can’t Hold Back
X Marks the Spot
F the Funk
Love’s Will be Done
Jazz Phunk Soul Food
Masters of the Universe
Journey of a Lifetime
Quantum Metaphysics
Cosmic Karma
Love Letters
Just Keep on Doin' It!


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