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13 March 2016

Lately I've Been Under a Lot of Impressure

Impressure was set up by the Freedom in a Vacuum label to release five limited edition albums, exquisitely produced & packaged. They were to include Aegri Somnia Vana by Empirical Sleeping Consort, along with works by Tibetan Red, PBK, a  split with Kaiser Nietzshe & Yuzuru Syogase, & a collaboration by Hirsch Quadrant & Merzbow. Only two of the five were released. The Empirical Sleeping Consort release that follows was the first one.

all decryption codes in comments

Dream Side –
pt. I – ever of thee I’m fondly dreaming
pt. II – in the lap of Morpheus
pt. III – la colonne brulee
pt. IV – the ravell’d sleave of care
untitled mystery track after locked groove

EEG Side – 
pt. V – between Scylla & Charybdis

The second one was the Yuzuru Syogase / Kaiser Nietzsche split LP. Kaiser Nietzsche is: John Kamevaar & Thomas Hardy. Yuzuru – himself.

Kaiser Side –
Negative Space 11:34
Ceteris Paribus 10:04

Yuzuru Side –
Bichanco 11:41
Divizadero I 4:34
Divizadero III 2:30

Also from the same era, by the bands Impressure was intending to represent.

Tibetan Red – Tibetan Red cassette, Freedom in a Vacuum VACT.01, 1985.

Side A –

Side B –
Kalahari Fire Birth

PBK – Vivisection cassette, PBK Recordings, 1988.

Side A –

Side B –

Never have been able to find a compilation of Merzbow & Hirsch Quadrant(???).


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