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05 March 2016

It's a Wackie Showcase

I saw over at Roots Stone blog that they had posted a favorite of mine from 80s era Wackie’s, Wayne Jarrett – Showcase Vol. 1. It reminded me of a couple of other great Wackie’s releases from the same time frame also in the Horace Andy/Wayne Jarrett showcase Dubwise version stylee. If you’re a fan of Bulwackie’s inimitable work, you should really savor these.

Wayne Jarrett – Mini Showcase 10", Wackie's Wackie 1716, 1983.
both decryption codes in comments

Side A –
You & I
You & I (Dubwise version)
Live it Up
Praise Jah Jah

Side B –
Truly (Lionel Richie cover)
Truly (Dubwise)
Live & Love
Live & Love (Dubwise version)

Side A –
Prophesy (Dubwise)
My Heart is Gone
My Heart is Gone (Dubwise)

Side B –
Come on & Tell Me
Come on & Tell Me (Dubwise)
You Rest on My Mind
You Rest on My Mind (Dubwise)

Check it deep,


  1. Wayne

  2. zonk ludlow3/12/16, 5:27 AM

    Cheers for yet more classics.