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07 April 2016

See What I’m Doing Here?

Nick Manasseh’s first release on Roots Garden Records was Johnny Osbourne's "Black Starliner" b/w Manasseh's "Black Star Dub". Osbourne is a legendary Jamaican singer & songwriter with a career spanning nearly 4 decades, Here he delivers a serious rastaman vocal bringing a fresh edge to the popular repatriation theme. Manasseh serves up an excellent Dubwise version on side B.

Side A –
Black Starliner
Side B –
Black Star Dub

Black Star Line existed from 1919 until 1922. It was a shipping line incorporated by Marcus Garvey, the revered Jamaican political leader, publisher, journalist, entrepreneur, & orator. Garvey was a staunch proponent of the Black Nationalism & Pan-Africanism movements. He was one of the creators of the Universal Negro Improvement Association (UNIA). Black Star Line was an enterprise intended to provide a means for displaced Africans to return to Africa while also enabling black people around the Atlantic the means of exchanging goods & services. The company’s three ships were owned & operated by blacks. They made travel & trade possible between their US, Caribbean, Central American, & African stops.. Black Star Line became a key part of Garvey's contribution to the Back-to-Africa movement.

Stafford 'Fred Locks' Elliott is a Jamaican roots reggae singer, born in Kingston June 7, 1950. He started recording at the age of 13 at Coxsone Dodd's, Randy's, & Lee "Scratch" Perry's. In 1971, having decided to immerse himself in the Rastafarian faith, Elliot allowed his locks to grow to a great length, giving rise to his nickname of 'Fred Locks'. During this time he was living on the beach near Harbour View. He was prolifically writing songs that shared his newly adopted faith. One of these tunes, "Black Star Liners", referring to Marcus Garvey's shipping line, came to the attention of producer & Twelve Tribes member Hugh Boothe. Boothe persuaded Locks to record the song. It was released in 1975 on the Jahmikmusic label in Jamaica & on Grounation in the UK. The song helped propel Locks to cult status in Jamaica.

Side A –
Black Star Liners
Side B –

 Various - Black Star Liner iterations & versions

Since 1975, there have been numerous covers & versions of this great song. Here are just a few…

Fred Locks – Black Star Liner in Dub from the Black Star Liner in Dub session VP Records VPRL5009
Ranking Dread – Black Starlina from Kunta Kinte Roots, Burning Sounds BS1037.
Jah Levi – Black Starliner (live) from Israel Healing Festival
Lee 'Scratch' Perry – Starliner from Alien Starman, Secret Records Limited SECCD001
Fred Locks – Black Star Liners Dubplate

Also there are these great takes on the subject…

Culture – Black Starliner Must Come from Two Sevens Clash, Joe Gibbs Record Globe
Reggae Regular - It's Coming (Black Star Liner Dub) from "The Black Star Liner" b/w "It's Coming", Barclay 640 164
Yabby You – Black Starliner from Yabby You meets Trinity at King Tubbys Dub Station, Prophet Record
Leah Rosier & the Dub Alchemist – Black Star Liner, self-released
Mikey Dread – Positive Reality (Black Star Liner) from S.W.A.L.K., Heartbeat Records HB009
Prince Far I – Black Star Liner Must Come from Long Life, Front Line Records FL1021
Yabby U – Starline Dub from "Black Starliner is Coming" b/w "Starline Dub", Prophet Record, Disco 45

Reespek Marcus & Selassie I,


  1. NØ - you are a Black Star ! thanks so much for your brilliance.

    1. Thanks for all your kind words here & elsewhere that you have commented. I try to post up what I'm listening to at the moment or something that for some reason grabs me. If you have any requests, let me know. I'll see what I might be able to do.