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04 April 2016

Love with a Stranger

Originally recorded by the Love Joys at Bullwackies Studio in Brooklyn, NY & featured on their 1983 LP Lovers Rock Reggae, here Daphne BlueBird delivers an emotive & heartfelt rendition of this deep & rootsy tune. Nick Manasseh reworks the rhythm track in fine style, his contemporary production sounds (cascading delays, sweeping phaser sounds, & saturated reverb hits paying homage to the trademark Wackies' sound) compliment the track's organic feel & live instrumentation. Then he turns up the FX to eleven on the heavyweight dubwise Version on Side B.

Daphne BlueBird & Manasseh – Stranger b/w Stranger Version 7'',
Roots Garden Records RGR:023, 2014.

Side A –

Side B –
Stranger Version


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